Three Characteristics to Look for When Interviewing and Screening Potential Housekeepers and Hotel Employees

Finding employees with the right characteristics will help you make the best hiring choices. After all, the cost of employee turnover is high, so you want to choose candidates who will stick with your company long-term. You’ll be able to provide the service your customers expect, and this will help you build your satisfaction ratings and brand reputation.

Three traits of the best hotel staff

In the hotel and hospitality industry, your housekeeping and service staff will be interacting with your customers during every shift. So when hiring hotel staff, just follow this advice from a leader in Atlanta hiring support.

Certain characteristics will set the best employees ahead, which will in turn set your hotel ahead. These include:

  1. Attention to detail. Customers can choose to stay at any number of hotels and motels. They’ll likely enjoy their stay and come back to the facilities that go above and beyond to make their stay top-notch. Your housekeeping staff have a direct influence on the experience of customers’ living quarters, and the cleanliness of your hotel is huge factor in customer satisfaction. A keen attention to detail will go a long way to help your housekeeping staff maintain squeaky-clean rooms.
  2. Courtesy and caring. The best employees want to help. Hotel guests are out of town in a place that isn’t home—either for work or for play. The interactions your housekeeping and hotel staff have with guests make a huge impact on a traveler’s impression of the hotel and possibly even the city! Hotel staff can go the “extra mile” with your guests through attention to every little detail involved in their stay: from a warm smile, to a friendly hello, and assisting them with any questions or concerns they have during their visit.
  3. Trustworthiness. Housekeeping and hotel staff spend a large portion of their shifts around guests’ belongings. When cleaning rooms, or stowing and transporting bags, for example, it’s important to hire workers you can trust. Theft and property damage can create a negative reputation for your hotel.

Work with a recruiter

Staffing agencies make it easier to hire skilled and qualified workers through a thorough screening process. Check with your recruiter to see what screening services they offer, including background checks, employment verification and substance screening. This helps you make the best hiring choices, and keep your business and employees safe.

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