The Data Shows You Need to Take a Walk This Afternoon

How much time do you spend inside an office building each workday? Even if you’re stationed by a window, time spent indoors for long stretches of time can be mentally draining. And if you spend a large portion of your workday sitting, this can be an added strain on your mood and well-being. So, what can you do? Just go outside and take a walk during your lunch break!  

Five health benefits of daily walks

Getting up and moving—plus spending a little time outdoors—can help you boost your day with a few health benefits. Just consider this list from one of the leading staffing agencies in Atlanta: 

  1. Improved heart healthMoving more can be good for your heart, plain and simple. When you get up and walk even for just a few minutes, it helps you meet the daily recommendation of 30 minutes of activity.  
  2. Better moodPicture it: you’re outside, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, insects are buzzing, and the world is in full bloom. The summertime is a perfect reason to take a quick walk outside, and research shows spending time around nature can improve your mood.  
  3. Stronger bones and better balanceExercise helps improve bone strength, which becomes more and more important as we age. Plus, moving more helps build and maintain muscle tone, which aids in balance.  
  4. Weight managementIf you’re trying to lose a little weight or just maintain a healthy weight, taking a walk is one step (pun intended) towards your good health. Fitting in exercise helps you manage your weight, and every little bit counts.  
  5. Enhanced social connectionsBring a work friend (or two) with you to chat as you take a few laps around outside. Or, ask your boss if you can take a “walking meeting” outside. Moving and being outdoors can be invigorating and you may come up with new and different ideas!  

Move more!

Take advantage of the warmer weather by getting outside for a quick walk. Bring comfortable shoes to change into so you’re ready to motor!  

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