What’s Your Story? How to Develop the Perfect Elevator Pitch to Land a Job

An elevator pitch is a perfect resource to have in your “tool box.” You never know when you’ll be face-to-face with someone who could help you in your career—and you need a way to introduce yourselfYour elevator pitch is a short but direct introduction (no longer than 30-60 seconds) to use when you bump into someone with whom you want to network (for example, in an elevator).  

Five steps to write your elevator pitch

If you’re a temp in Atlanta, you can have your introduction drafted and ready to use with these tips from staffing expert, Happy Faces Personnel Group: 

  1. Get to the point. Since your elevator pitch should be brief, you’ll want to give only the highlights—your name, what you do and what you excel at, if you can fit it in. Your goal is to help someone walk away with an understanding of what you’re all about.  
  2. Be human. An elevator pitch can be a turnoff if it sounds too much like a sales pitch, so keep yours friendly, conversational and down-to-Earth. Meeting someone for the first time and making a good impression is much easier when you have a warm, outgoing demeanor, rather than that of a door-to-door salesperson—which may put someone on edge.  
  3. Be interesting. What about you and your career path is unique? Sharing an interesting detail can help spark a listener’s interest and get them engaged in what you’re saying. You might choose one of your qualifications, skills or accomplishments.  
  4. Practice! Once you have your pitch written, practice it in front of a mirror, or with a friend or family member. Remember that you’ll need to be flexible and tailor your message to your audience, so it can also help to practice saying the same thing in different ways. For example, some may respond well to business jargon, while others will not.  
  5. Remember a business card. When networking, this is a must. You card can include your phone number, email address, website or social media information. With so many ways to connect with the world, there’s plenty of content to include on a business card!  

Put yourself in situations to meet people

The chances of running into a connection in an elevator may be slim (though not impossible!). But by attending professional conferences and events, you’ll make it much easier to network and get to know people in your industry. Then you can put your elevator pitch to the test!  

In search of a new job?

Contact Happy Faces Personnel Group! We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and find a new job you love. To learn more, contact us today!   


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