Three ways to help a coworker who might be struggling with challenges outside of work

At work, you may get to know other employees pretty well, bond and even become friends. You might spend time with them outside the office at work events, or even meet their familyForming a personal connection with someone will make you feel closer to them—so when they’re going through a difficult time at home, it can feel natural to want to help. But what should you do?  

Three Ways to Support a Coworker During a Tough Time 

If someone you work with is dealing with a personal situation like a divorce, sick loved one or financial hardship, it can be devastating for them. To help out, just consider these three actions as suggested by a leader of Atlanta hiring support: 

Be Approachable 

Many people prefer to reach out on their own, as they’re ready. Give your coworker his or her space, but let them know, “I’m very sorry to hear about XYZ. I just wanted to let you know, I’m here if you need to talk.” Don’t overwhelm the person with questions—just be there to listen and show you care.  

Don’t Give Unnecessary Advice 

Sometimes when a person is upset, they just need someone to listen. Never judge or offer your advice unless they ask you for help.  

Offer to Help in Specific Ways 

These can be simple, such as, “I’m heading out for coffee—do you want me to grab you one?” A statement such as, “Let me know how I can help” can be frustrating to someone already under stress, as it adds the additional burden of needing to offer ideas to you. Instead, think of simple ways you might be able to help and offer these specifically.  

Ask Your Manager if You’re Concerned 

If your coworker is acting much differently than normal, appears to be forgetting to take care of themselves or is noticeably withdrawn, it helps to talk to your manager. Your company may have an Employee Assistance Program available or other services your coworker can use to get the support he or she needs during this difficult time.  

What About Your Career? 

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