Does your workday need an on/off switch to better manage your work/life balance?

Technology is great, but it makes work really hard to leave at the office. Still, “unplugging” is necessary for work/life balance—because if you keep answering calls or checking emails once you’re home, you’re still technically working. Even if you aren’t tied to a device, it can be difficult to wind down after work and focus on your home life, family and friends. But with a little practice, you can learn to “power down” and relax.  

Five Ways to Unplug from the Workday 

Either literally or figuratively, “unplugging” is important to your mental health. When your work life starts to cut into your home life, this lack of balance can add to stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s best to hit the off switch once you leave work for the day, with the plan to jump back in on the next workday. To do this, just follow these tips from one of the top staffing agencies in AtlantaHappy Faces Personnel Group: 

Keep Your Phone or Laptop Powered Down

If it’s not on, you won’t be tempted to check it.  

If You’re Not Able to Fully Power Down, Limit How Often You Check

Let’s say you’re required to be on call during after hours. You can still unplug in part by limiting how often you check your phone or email. Choose a timeframe and stick to it—for example, once every two hours.  

Meditate or Do Yoga

To calm your mind, mediation and/or yoga (which includes meditative components) are a great way to go. Try a class to fully immerse yourself, or choose a quiet part of your house and use an app or website.  

Do Something Fun

To get your mind off work, make plans to go out with friends or do something with your family. Spending time outside—for a sports game, concert, picnic or hike—can be very relaxing and refreshing.  

Call a Friend

Sometimes it can help to talk it out when you’re really stressed. Just reach out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while to catch up.   

Is it Time for a New Job? 

If job stress is making it more and more difficult to relax and enjoy work/life balance, it may be time for something new. Sometimes, all it takes is a job change to feel better and stress less about work.  

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