Coping With Job Rejection: What to Do if You DON’T Get the Job

You tried hard at your interview, but you heard back from your recruiter and they decided to go with someone else. This can be frustrating news to hear, especially if you really, really wanted the job. But even still, you need to move on because the best job for you is out there.

So what can you do to pick yourself up, clear your head and get back to it? Just follow these tips from one of the leading temp agencies in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Give Yourself a Second to Breathe

Rejection hurts. It’s an important part of the healing process to let yourself feel your feelings. So take a day or two to mourn your loss. Do things you enjoy and talk to positive people who make you feel good about yourself. It can help to engage in activities you’re good at, such as sports, painting or cooking—or get out and see something new to freshen your outlook.

Send a Thank-You Note

ou already sent one after your interview. But it’s a professional move to send a follow-up note when you find out you didn’t get the job. Simply thank the interviewer for their time and consideration. This simple act showcases your positive attitude and may keep you top of mind if another position opens up.

Ask Your Recruiter for Feedback

One of the many benefits of working with a recruiter is help in your job search. Your recruiter can gather feedback from the hiring manager about why you were passed over for the job. You’ll be able to learn more about what happened so you can make improvements and be much closer to landing your next job.

Get Back to It!

No use dwelling. Once you’ve given yourself a chance to move on and you’ve learned more about how you can improve—get right back into your job search! Contact your recruiter and start the process again. Your efforts will pay off when you find the right job for you.

Looking for a Recruiter?

If you’re going it alone, you don’t have to. A recruiter is a valuable partner in helping you find your next job. From temporary assignments to full-time, permanent placement, a recruiter will work with you to understand your career goals and help you take the next step towards your future.

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group!

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