Safety First! The Key to Addressing Workplace Safety Concerns with Your Team

Safety awareness is critical to every workplace. Keeping your workers safe isn’t just a nice thought—it’s a must-have. It all starts with a safety plan all employees must follow. Threats to the safety of your workers must be addressed by the plan, so it’s good to keep it dynamic—ready to be adjusted and amended if need be.

It’s also important to follow the motto: If you see something, say something. Employees should keep their eyes and ears open for any potential safety hazards and alert a supervisor or manager when something isn’t right. Then, once you’re aware of the safety concern, it’s time to address it with the team. You can do this by following these three tips from a leader of Atlanta Hiring Support—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Don’t Wait

A safety hazard presents a danger to your staff as long as it exists. Once you’re aware of an unsafe condition, get in touch with your workers right away to talk about it and fix the issue. You could be preventing injuries or even saving someone’s life in the process.

Don’t Point Fingers

Regardless of what happened, try to avoid singling anyone out. Simply state what you’ve learned, why it’s a safety concern, and what everyone needs to do to prevent it from happening in the future. If a safety policy or procedure needs to be created or adjusted, make sure everyone is aware of the change.

Stress Why Safety is Important.

The bottom line is that safety procedures protect everyone’s health and well-being. Be completely transparent about why it’s important and the possible consequences if the new policy or procedure isn’t followed—such as what dangerous situations could occur.

Reinforce Your Safety Plan

When workers aren’t following safety procedures, it puts them and others at risk. It helps to build penalties into your safety plan when procedures aren’t followed. Then, stick to these penalties to stress the importance of the plan.

Provide Proper Training

Regular safety training and refreshers help your workers keep safety top-of-mind. If you partner with a staffing agency, you can even work with your recruiter for support training your employees.

Need a Recruiter?

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