Time Management Strategies That Will Lead to Reduced Stress… and More Happiness

How often does this happen to you—the day begins, and you’re full of motivation! Today is the day you’re going to make magic happen. By 10 a.m., you realize you’re not accomplishing as much as you had hoped, but that’s OK… you’ll just take a quick break and get back at it. Then lunchtime rolls around, and, still having not accomplished all that much, you decide to go to lunch and then jump back in right after. But after lunch you feel much the same, and by the end of the day—you just haven’t accomplished what you’d hoped. You feel like you’ve failed. So where did you go wrong, and what can you do to turn the situation around and break out of this rut?

Time Management Tricks

Time management is one way to get the most out of your day and feel successful by its end. Just follow these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Atlanta to avoid losing track of valuable minutes as the hours tick by:

Open with a clear plan.

A foggy start to your day is a sure recipe for disappointment. Before you check your voicemail and start answering emails, choose one or two major tasks to work on today.

Focus on activities that help you reach your daily goals.

As you move through your day, align your actions with the major tasks you want to work on. Other smaller tasks can come after the major ones are done.

Don’t procrastinate, but allow yourself breaks.

There’s a distinct difference. Procrastination is when you keep doing other things instead of the task you need to work on. If you feel yourself procrastinating, just ask yourself why. Is there more information you need, a question you need answered or something you don’t understand? Figure out what you need to get to work on your goals for the day. Then, take a break after you’ve completed a chunk of work and it feels like a natural resting point before you jump back in and keep going.

Avoid distractions.

Yes, it’s fun to swing by the water cooler and chat. But if it eats up a block of time during your workday, it’s best to avoid this stop until you’ve accomplished your goals. Identify what distracts you and make plans to minimize it.

Review what you’ve accomplished.

This will benefit you in two ways. First, it will make you feel good about your actions for the day. And second, it will help you build your plan for the next day.

It all takes practice

Time management is a learned skill. With practice, you’ll be an expert at reaching your daily goals!

Need a new challenge?

Perhaps you find yourself procrastinating at work simply because you’re bored. If you’re in search of something new, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll help you find a new job you love—just contact us today!


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