How to prepare for a successful Monday and kick-start your week effectively

Monday is typically a difficult day for most people. The weekend is over, and five days of work loom ahead. But rather than feeling down, you can take steps to leap into your Monday—building energy and momentum to help you blast successfully through the week!

Seven ways to boost your Monday

Ready to start your work week with a bang? Just follow these seven tips from a leading provider of jobs in Valdosta GA—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Get Enough Slee

Most people are already starting Monday off in a sleepy mood—so why add an extra level of grogginess by getting to bed late Sunday night? Plan to hit the hay at a reasonable time, so you can get 6–8 hours of zzzs. Then, start winding down about an hour before your selected bedtime.

Go to the Gym

You can get your heart pumping and spirits up when you work out for a few minutes first thing Monday morning! It doesn’t even have to be anything intense—walking the dog around the block will do. You’ll already feel like you accomplished something, which is key for a successful Monday.

Make an Easy-to-Do list

After two days off, your mind isn’t quite yet ready to conquer the world. You need to take it easy and work up to a Tuesday state of mind. Jot down a few tasks that will be easy to complete. Crossing them off your list will make you feel good that you’ve gotten something done, and this is the momentum you need to keep pushing forward during your week.

Group Similar Tasks Together

Experts recommend this list technique as a way to get more done—group similar tasks so you can check them off all at once, without having to shift your focus to something unrelated. When you’re on a roll with one thing, don’t break that concentration.

Hold off on Your Email

Jumping right into your email first thing Monday can derail your mood and your day—and possibly your week! Instead, arrive at work, review what needs to be done and get your to-do list together. Breathe, and get your coffee. THEN open your email and dive in.

Leave Mentally Draining Tasks for Another Day

Trying to do too much or make major decisions on a Monday may just end up leaving you frustrated. Instead, leave the easy stuff for Monday and start the harder decisions on Tuesday or later.

Take Your Breaks

Ease into your week. Remember to take your 10-minute breaks and your lunch. Give your mind a chance to pause and re-focus, and you’ll find yourself much more productive.

Are you ready?

Try these seven steps for your best Monday yet. You’ve got this!

Need something new?

If you just can’t get started, it could be because you need a change—and Happy Faces can help! To learn more and find a new job you love, contact us today!


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