Promoting Mental Health Awareness at Work

How comfortable do employees feel finding support for mental health concerns? Though mental health issues have gained more acceptance in our society, they still remain somewhat taboo in the workplace. But mental wellness is important—it affects the overall well-being of your staff, their quality of life and in the end, their productivity on the job. And let’s face it, work can be stressful. Some days are harder than others and can threaten even the most stable person with anxiety and depression, let alone someone who already struggles with a mental illness.  

Four Ways Employers Can Support Mental Wellness 

It’s important for employers to be aware of the importance of mental health and provide resources to support it. You can do this with these four tips from one of the leading sources of Atlanta hiring support: 

Train Supervisors and Managers

The signs of mental illness are more obvious if you know what you’re looking for. Train your supervisors and managers to recognize indicators that an employee may be having a hard time, plus guidance for how to offer help.  

Encourage Work/Life Balance

Too much work and not enough time for personal responsibilities is detrimental to an employee’s well-being. Perks such as flexible scheduling, working from home and call-in meetings are ways you can help employees accommodate life’s demands while balancing their job. Stay in touch with employees to understand their workloads and when they may need help getting things done. 

Offer Resources for Mental Health Support

Many benefit plans offer access to counseling through an Employee Assistance Program, plus coverage for mental health support. These are confidential and valuable resources an employee can use when they aren’t sure where to turn. Include information about mental health services in your employee benefits materials so everyone knows how to use them.  

Keep an Open Door

When a worker is feeling overwhelmed and needs help, it’s good for them to know you care and you’re always available to listen. An opendoor policy is the easiest way for employees to access you when they need guidance.  

Keep a Full Staff 

If you’re understaffed, make plans to add more workers and avoid burning out the ones you have. Shouldering too much of the workload for too long can be damaging to an employee’s work/life balance, job satisfaction and well-being.  

Need to Staff Up? 

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