Go to the Interview Even When You’re Not Looking

If you’re in search of a new job—or even if you aren’t—you may be contacted by a recruiter. It’s possible you’ve decided to work with one as part of your mission to find something new, but recruiters are always working behind the scenes to fill open positions, even if they don’t have a list of potential candidates in mind. This means that even when you’re not looking, you may come across an email from a recruiter who has found you on LinkedIn.  

What if You Don’t Think the Job Sounds Interesting? 

Regardless of your recruiter relationship, when you’re contacted about an interview and you don’t feel too jazzed about the job opportunity, what should you do? The short answer is—just go. To understand why check out these reasons from a leading provider of jobs in Statesboro Georgia 

Four Ways Any Interview Can Help You 

Even if it doesn’t sound like your dream job, going to an interview can benefit you in a few ways.

It’s Good Practice 

Sure, you’ve prepared your answers to commonly asked interview questions. You’ve reviewed the job description, and you’ve read up on the company. But one thing you can often expect in a job interview is the unexpected—especially if you’ve been out of the job search game for a while. Maybe you’ll be asked to take a test as part of the interview process, or maybe you’ll be asked something that really puts you on your toes. Even if you’re pretty sure you don’t want the job, this firsthand experience is priceless.  

You Can Learn Insider Tips

What systems does the company use and what skills do they expect you to have before they’ll hire you? Learning more about a company in your industry can help you know what skills you may want to tack on to be ready when the perfect job does come up.  

You Can Expand Your Network

If you’re not interested in this exact position, but do like the company—it’s good for them to have your resume on hand for future job opportunities. You never know who you’ll meet during your interview and if these connections could help you out further down the road.  

You Never Know What You’ll Find! 

Maybe the job doesn’t look great on paper but, at the interview, you realize the company is awesome and you’d be working with a great group of people. Some jobs are hidden gems and the hiring staff doesn’t do them justice in the job description. Your dream job could be right around the corner, and you’ll only find that out if you go to the interview!  

Give it a Try 

Give it your best, make a good impression, and treat every interview as a learning experience. You’ll be richer for what you learn, even if you decide the job is not for you.  

Need a Recruiter? 

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