Your Favorite Music Can Improve Your Productivity

The sound of your favorite music is good for your soul! It can pick up your mood and make you feel energized. But did you know it may even help you work better? Research shows that listening to music on the job can help you improve your productivity, but it’s important that you do it in the right way.  

Tips for Working with Music 

When used well, music can be helpful, even on the job. To understand how it can work best for you, just follow these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Atlanta: 

Check with Your Boss First

Some work policies are flexible when it comes to music and others are not. For example, if you work in a field where you’re operating potentially dangerous machines or vehicles, even the most motivating music can distract you from what’s going on around you. So, before you plug in, always make sure it’s OK with your supervisor or boss, based on company policy.  

Choose Something Soothing

Certain types of music can add to your productivity, while others can detract from your work. Classical music or jazz can be less distracting, while loud music with a fast-paced beat can be distracting. So, when building your worktime playlist, you may wish to choose songs and genres that are easier on the eardrums. Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference… what type of music do you find soothing? 

Listen During a Task You’ve Done Before

Research also shows that music is most helpful when you’re doing something your mind is already used to doing. Just the opposite, if you’re doing a task you’ve never done before that requires 100 percent concentration, music can be distracting and slow down your progress.  

Be Sure You’re Not Giving a Concert

Always use earbuds or headphones when listening to your music and keep it at a reasonable volume. Sometimes, even when using these personal devices, if your music is loud enough, other people around you can hear it. And not everyone is down with tunes at work.  

Be Respectful of Coworkers

Be prepared to say goodbye to your music if, no matter what you try, the people around you find it distracting. Remember, the workplace needs to be supportive of everyone and your primary task is getting things done, not listening to music.  

Need Other Tips to Stay Productive? 

Your recruiter is a source of valuable information when it comes to performing well at your job. Reach out whenever you have questions.  

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