How to Stand Out for a Role When Applying in a Crowded Atlanta Job Market

When applying for a job, you want to stand out in the best ways. You’re probably up against tough competition, and you want to prove you’re the best for the job. So, what are the most effective ways to do that, and help ensure you’re at the top of the list for a company’s next hire? 

Five Ways to Stand Out in Your Job Search 

You can get noticed and get closer to landing your next job when you follow these tips from one of the leading temp agencies in Atlanta: 

Work Your Connections

Do you know anyone who works for the company or in the department you’re trying to break into? If your connection can make a referral or introduce you to the hiring manager, it can work in your favor. The recommendations of colleagues can be valuable selling points, helping you surpass other candidates.  

Nail Your Resume and Cover Letter

These documents are one of the most important ways to get an interview once you’ve applied. Choose a functional or chronological format, based on how long you’ve been in the working world. Make your objective statement in 2-3 sentences, summing up what you’re all about. In your work history, list not what you’ve done, but how you’ve helped past companies and what you’ve accomplished. In your cover letter, tell a short story that demonstrates your passion for your work, and why you think you’re a good match for the job. And always revise these documents for each job to which you apply.  

Perfect Your LinkedIn Page

After you apply, an employer will be reviewing you online and it’s important your LinkedIn page is clean, professional, and meshes with your resume. Add a professional headshot, or alter one you took yourself with LinkedIn’s photo tools. Make your objective statement clear and include key industry words if you can. Requesting recommendations from your LinkedIn contacts also helps to boost your profile.  

Make a Good First Impression

Pretend you’re at your interview from the second you leave your car to the second you return to it. Smile and be friendly to the receptionist, people you pass in the hall, and of course, your interviewer. You want to leave a positive impression with all you encounter. 

Find Similar Interests

During your interview, you’ll be more memorable if the interviewer makes a connection with you. When you first meet, shake hands and start small talk. Good topics are sports, popular TV shows, a favorite local restaurant or activity—an attempt to establish some common ground. You can get hints about what your interviewer’s potential interests are by checking them out on social media prior to your interview.  

It’s Worth the Effort 

When you land your next exciting job, all your hard work making a good impression will have paid off. But if you’re having a hard time finding that next job opportunity, Happy Faces Personnel Group can help. We specialize in job placement in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and we’ll work with you to find a job you love. To learn more, contact us today!  


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