How to regroup on your lunch break to ensure a happy and productive afternoon

Are you having “a day”? We all do from time to time! Stressful days feel like they start as soon as you arrive or clock in, and minute by minute, all you can think about is your lunch break. And that’s an important break to take! Your lunch is a perfect time to give yourself a breather, unwind a bit, and refocus your mind. You’ll be able to jump back into work, refreshed and ready to go!  

Five Relaxing Ways to Spend Your Lunch 

The way you spend your midday break can help you de-stress and prepare for the rest of your workday. Try any of the following to get back into the groove: 

Leave the Building

If you can, take your lunch in another location. By leaving your work surroundings, it will help you clear your head. You could go to a nearby café, take a walk in park or greenspace, hit the mall for something new or a few quick laps, or grab a coffee.  

Do Something Fun—by Yourself or with a Friend

An hour of fun is definitely a great way to blow off some steam. Being outside can be refreshing if the weather permits. Grabbing something to eat or just catching up with a friend are good ways to have a laugh and lift your spirits.  

Exercise or Meditate

If working up a sweat doesn’t sound like your idea of relaxing, consider that exercise is a great stress reliever. Check out your local gym and listen to some tunes as you burn off some calories. You’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel afterward, plus you’ve just fit your workout in for the day!  

Eat Something Healthy

It’s a good idea to have lunch or at least a snack during your break. And what you eat can help prepare you—both physically and mentally—for the rest of your afternoon. Choose something with lean protein and fiber, to help fill you up and tide you over until dinner. Drinking water, rather than soda or juice, is a good way to hydrate without adding extra sugar or caffeine.  

Read a Book

You can escape to another world for a bit when you dive into a good book. Leave your desk and get outside, if you can. Reading is a great way to clear your mind, build your creativity and enhance your vocabulary.  

Having Trouble De-Stressing? 

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