With a surge of available candidates, how can you be sure you’re making the right hire for YOUR team?

Getting the right candidate in place is critical. It enables your company to get the job done, maintain consistent output, and satisfy the needs of your customers. It keeps your current employees happy, as they have been most likely picking up additional tasks during the time it took to hire the new person. Plus, if the candidate is a good match, it will help you maintain harmony within your team. Last, finding and hiring the right person right from the start helps you avoid having to replace the wrong person, which can be costly for your company.  

Five Ways to Find the Right Person 

Making the right candidate choice is important, so you’ll want to take steps to ensure you’re hiring a person who matches exactly what you need. And you can do this by following these tips from a leading provider of Atlanta hiring support—Happy Faces Personnel Group: 

Know what qualifications the person needs.

First and foremost, a person’s skills and experience are the determining factors in whether or not they’re a good fit. In many cases, you can review a candidate’s resume to weed out who is qualified versus who probably won’t work out. Also make sure the person’s long-term goals mesh with what you need for the role—if not, you could find yourself having to hire a new worker sooner than you planned.  

Decide what can be learned. 

Beyond the basic required skills you’ve determined, what additional skills can a good candidate learn on the job? You may want to make allowances for a really good candidate that lacks a skill they can easily learn.  

Understand what makes a good fit with your company culture. 

Is your company quiet, with everyone working in their own area, or is it more lively and interactive? The right candidate will need to thrive within your walls, so look for qualities and personality traits that will help them succeed. During the interview process, be sure they meet the team and see how it goes—this can be very telling in terms of a cultural fit.  

Thoroughly vet the candidate. 

Background and reference checks are a must. Contact references and never skimp on screening. If you work with a staffing agency, they can help you complete all necessary screening.  

Don’t rely solely on one technique. 

Combining multiple techniques can help you uncover the right person. Administering personality or skills tests alongside multiple interviews (phone, video and in-person) can give you ample opportunity to determine if someone would work well at your company.   

Take the Time You Need to Find the Right Match 

Getting the perfect candidate in place will save you future headaches—so take the time to find the person who will do the best possible job for your business.  

Let Happy Faces Personnel Group Help!  

We specialize in placing qualified candidates with perfectly matched job opportunities. If you’re in search of new employees in the Atlanta area, contact us to learn how we can help!  


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