Here’s a Quick Way to Screen for Toxic Employees

Looking for a fool-proof way to keep harmful employees out of your workforce? You’re not alone—so is every other employer.

What is a toxic employee? It’s just like it sounds. They have a bad attitude. They aren’t willing to work hard. And worst of all, they’re pretty good at bringing other employees along on their crusade of negativity. Toxic employees are one of the easiest ways to tank your team’s morale.

If you’ve ever experienced a toxic employee, you know to keep your distance. And keep them off of payroll. So come hiring time, what can you do?

Start off easy. Use your interview process. Just follow these tips from one of the top companies hiring in Atlanta.

Three Interview Questions to Uncover Toxic Employee Traits

Before an interview, you’re probably planning what to ask. As you review your list, be sure include the following three questions:

What did you love about your last job?

If an employee is interviewing with you, there’s a reason they left their previous job, but there was also something that made it worthwhile. Almost every job has SOMETHING good to offer. This question is a perfect way to draw out negativity from the start. Red flag answers to this question could include bad-mouthing a previous employer, placing blame on someone else or having not even one positive thing to say about a past job.

Tell me about your biggest challenge.

Everyone faces challenges at work. Tight deadlines, creative problem solving, difficult coworkers… hurdles help the best of us learn and grow. Toxic employees are often unwilling to step up to the plate and tackle increased responsibility. If an employee doesn’t have much of an answer for this question, steer clear.

What skill do you need to work on?

The willingness to always improve shows passion. No one is perfect, though a toxic employee may believe they are. If a candidate can’t produce a reasonable answer to this question, they haven’t been working on improvement or they simply don’t believe they need to improve. And that can be an indicator they might be toxic.

A second option to screen for toxic employees

You can do it yourself. Or you can place the job in the hands of a trusted partner. And that’s a staffing agency.

Recruiters can handle as much or as little of the hiring process as you wish. This can include the interview and screening process. This can save you time and energy, and help you get the very best candidates for a position.

Want to learn more?

If you’re in search of qualified candidates in the Atlanta area, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’re ready and waiting to help you find the new employees you need.

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