Here is a Method That is Helping Busy People Live in the Moment

When you’re busy, you feel like your life is one big to-do list. You keep a packed schedule. Deadline met? Check. Bills paid? Check. Grocery shopping? Check. Oil change? Check!

The only problem with a constant to-do list is that it spills over into your personal life. You know—the good stuff. The stuff that is supposed to take your mind off all the other things you have to do. The stuff you do because you want to, not because you have to.

But it can be hard to pull yourself back from the autopilot of “doing” to move into the calmer realm of “being.” But when it’s time to have fun and relax, you want to be there, present and in the moment.

Because the good stuff is what life is all about. Right? As one of the leading sources of jobs hiring in Atlanta, we think so!

How to be Mindful

When you’re mindful, you’re tuned in to the world around you. You’re noticing and feeling and breathing. You feel more like you’re playing an active role in your life. And you can do that in the following ways:


This calming practice helps you relax, reduce stress, and get in touch with what’s happening around you. It can help to begin your day with a few minutes of mediation, or take time to meditate when you’re feeling amped up. Try an app or find a meditation on YouTube to get started.

Keep a gratitude journal.

When you’re going a million miles a minute, you might lose sight of all your blessings. And taking time every day to write down just three good things in your life can make a big difference. This simple task will help you stay focused on what really matters.

Do something you love every day.

What better way to build happiness in your life than treating yourself to something you love? It can be as simple as listening to a favorite song or as intense as taking a drive to your favorite place. Be creative and let your mind wander. What should you do today? And tomorrow? And the next day?

Build your relationships.

The people in your life give it meaning. But when you’re busy, you can lose touch with friends and family. Check-in with a text or email, give someone a call or do something nice (and unexpected) for someone you love.

Be gentle with yourself.

No one is perfect. But we can work on getting stronger every day. View your life with compassion. You’re doing your best! This self-understanding makes it easier to live in the moment—no matter what that moment might bring!


Drawing, painting, singing, writing, crafting, photography… these are all creative outlets. Taking time to make something is a form of meditation in itself. You don’t have to be good at it, just let yourself relax and have some fun!

Find a job you love

If your work time is more joyful, it’s much easier to be present. And being present at work makes it more second nature to stay present outside of work. Joy builds joy.

Let Happy Faces help!

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