How to find and hire the best employees in Atlanta

You’re in need of new employees. But here’s the problem: the job market seems drained. You’ve been getting applications, but none of the candidates seem quite right.

Sure, you could bring an almost-perfect candidate onto the job. And things might be OK. For a while. Until the job requires skills or knowledge they don’t have. Or they don’t fit well with your other employees. Or they just disrupt the flow of things.

To save yourself time and frustration, it’s best to find well-matched candidates. But where are they? You’re starting to lose patience.

If you’re in search of the best employees in Atlanta, just follow these tips from a source of the best jobs in Atlanta—Happy Faces Personnel Group:

Use an employee referral program.

Your employees may know about people you don’t! An employee referral program is pretty easy to set up, and can be very effective. You get an extra advantage for finding candidates, plus they’ll already know someone on the job—which can help them fit in.

Write attention-grabbing job descriptions.

Online job seekers are combing through plenty of job openings. So write yours to capture their attention! Describe why it’s great to work at your company and what makes you different from other jobs. List the benefits and perks. Talk about why the job is cool. And don’t forget a killer headline.

Harness the power of popular job sites.

If you aren’t using them already, LinkedIn and Monster are top focuses for people in search of work. LinkedIn allows you to sponsor jobs so they appear in more searches and set up a company page for free.

Check your files.

What about a past candidate? Often, people interested in your company apply without an opening just to be on file. Check your records to see if someone who applied in the past would be perfect for a current opportunity.

Contact an Atlanta staffing agency.

You can also leave it to the experts! A staffing agency in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area will be familiar with local candidates and can help you make a fast match. Plus, they can handle some or all of the hiring process for you, depending what they offer.

Check out Happy Faces Personnel Group

We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find candidates who fit. To learn more, contact us today!

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