Interview Tips to Help You Hire Better People

Do interviews make you nervous? This may seem silly since you’re the one doing the hiring. But the thing is, there’s a lot riding on the outcome of an interview. The pressure to make the right choice can keep employers up at night.

If you choose the right person—perfect! If you choose the wrong person—it can mean stress and frustration for your current employees, and eventually turnover.

But no need to worry! You can take a few steps to make your interview process as successful as possible.

How to conduct an effective job interview

Just follow these tips from a leading provider of call center jobs in Atlanta Georgia:

Make it easy for the candidate.

If you can put the candidate at ease, you’ll get a much better take on what they’re actually like. Nerves can rob a candidate of confidence. And this can make them seem much more quiet and soft-spoken than normal—or they may overcompensate and appear much more forward than in real life. Either way, helping a candidate relax a little at the beginning of an interview is key. Start with small talk and try to make some connections with things you have in common. Don’t ask impossible interview questions that aren’t related to the job (i.e., if you were stranded on a desert island…). Keep it light and to the point, and you’ll have the best chances of seeing a candidate’s true personality shine through.

Know who you’re looking for.

What skills and experience does the candidate need to do the job well? What characteristics will help them fit into your company culture? When you know the type of candidate you want to hire, it can help you connect the dots during an interview.

Don’t rely too heavily on your first impression.

These are important, but remember: candidates are often nervous! Instead, pay attention to how they answer questions, what they’ve done in their career, their enthusiasm, and the questions they ask. These are the most important keys to a good hiring choice.

Always screen.

Background checks help you know a candidate is who they say they are. Contact colleges or former employers to verify education and job history. Credit checks and substance screens are also helpful to help you protect your company and your other employees. If you’re not comfortable conducting screens, work with your recruiter.

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