Four Biggest HR Challenges for Remote Employees

No one could have predicted what 2020 would be like for any of us. But Human Resources are the folks trying to hold many things together. With many employees now working remotely, HR has been faced with providing the usual services virtually.

So what have been the biggest HR challenges during COVID? Here are five of the most common, as presented by one of the leading employment agencies in Atlanta:

Mental Health Support

The pandemic has taken its toll on the emotional health and well-being of employees. From trying to stay healthy, to adjusting to ever-changing rules, to shifting to remote work—it’s been an adjustment! Stress and anxiety are all too common these days, and HR professionals have had to respond with resources when employees seek support.

Transition to a Virtual Environment

Many employees who were once in the office are now working from home. This required a shift in technology that may or may not have been available already. Human Resources was tasked with communicating changes to employees and helping their supervisors and managers handle the change. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, telework may become a permanent fixture for many companies, and HR will need to adjust accordingly.

Employee Engagement and Productivity

Beyond technology, telework comes with its own set of concerns for HR. First, managers may have concerns with how productive their teams are at home and how to manage work and productivity. If an employee isn’t “pulling their weight,” what disciplinary actions need to be taken? Is it extreme to expect too much during the challenging and stressful environment during COVID-19? These and more questions are on the minds of Human Resources. Questions arise such as: how to monitor attendance, how to recover equipment if someone is fired, who covers expenses related to employees’ connectivity, and many more.

Corporate Culture

Maintaining a positive company culture becomes more difficult when workers are no longer together in person. A culture that was once well-defined is no doubt weakened by the events of 2020. HR is challenged with new means of communicating, engaging employees and building camaraderie with everyone working remotely.

Need Staffing Support?

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