Three Common Hiring Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

If you’re like many employers, you dread hiring time. Finding the right employees is a big job. Where do you begin? What if you make bad hiring choices? There’s a lot riding on your decisions.

Get started on the right track with this information from one of the top staffing companies in Atlanta.

Attracting the Right Candidates

This can be one of the biggest challenges faced by employers and hiring managers. Getting the right people in place helps your business stay productive and successful. But what if you’re not sure where to find good hiring matches? What can you do?

Start with your job descriptions. Make them as descriptive as possible in terms of the roles and responsibilities of the job, what your culture is like, and what top qualifications a candidate needs to do well.

Hiring Fast

You need someone and you need them yesterday. This can be a common problem when you’re faced with sudden turnover and need a critical position filled. But you don’t want just a warm body in a seat. You want someone with the right qualifications who fits in with your team.

Build a candidate pool. This is a database of people who’ve previously applied and weren’t hired. They looked like good candidates but weren’t quite right for the job you had advertised. Scan your candidate pool when you need to hire fast and see if any past applicants would be a good match for an open position.
Work with a recruiter. This is a tried-and-true way to find the candidates you need—and your recruiter handles as much of the legwork as you need. They’ll have access to both active and passive candidates, so they’ll be able to find the employee you need—and quickly.

Providing a Positive Experience

Whether or not they’re hired, a candidate should be left with a positive impression. They should be kept in the loop on the hiring decision, and everything should be as timely as possible.

Pay careful attention to your hiring steps. Are you responding to all applicants to let them know you’ve received their application? Are you following up with both those who have been hired and those who haven’t? By treating all candidates as if they’re employees, you’ll be much more likely to create a good impression, and that’s just good business.

In Search of a Recruiter?

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