How to Engage and Recruit Great Passive Candidates

Ah, the elusive passive candidate. They add to your talent pool. But the problem is they’re not looking for a job; they’re already happily employed.

But what happens if the perfect candidate for you is one who’s currently employed and therefore passive?

That’s concerning. Finding and placing the right person means good things for your company, and avoiding turnover for your employment budget.

But how do you find and lure a passive candidate away from their current post? Just follow these tips from one of the leading staffing agencies in Atlanta.

Four Ways to Recruit Passive Candidates

There are specific steps you can follow to locate those sought-after passives and strengthen the outcome of your hiring matches.

Rely on Multiple Social Media Channels

LinkedIn is the most obvious (and most popular), but it’s not the only platform you should be using. You can also try posting job opportunities on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. New platforms pop up all the time, so keep your eyes and ears open for other platforms to join and utilize.

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Use employee Referrals

There are pros and cons of referral programs. That said…your employees may have friends or colleagues who would be perfect for an open job…and nothing is quite as motivating as cash. You can improve your hiring options when you build and maintain an employee referral program. Just make sure the incentive for participation is enticing enough for workers to take it seriously.

Focus on Your Culture

Put simply, organizational culture affects hiring. Top talent wants to work for companies who famously have good cultures—and when you do, the word quickly gets out. Build a fun, rewarding company culture and broadcast it on your website and in your job postings. This way, if you’re able to find a passive candidate, you can name drop your company as an enticing opportunity.

Work with a Recruiter

They’re experts at what they do and stake their reputation on their job matches. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your staffing needs and find just the right candidates—active or passive.

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