How to lead with gratitude throughout 2021…NOT just around the holidays

During the workday, you may find yourself dwelling on things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to. But what about thinking about all the things that went right? This is one way to start practicing gratitude. And it can help you to become a better leader. Just follow these tips from one of the leading Employment Agencies in Tucker Georgia.

Why Gratitude is Important

Research has shown that gratitude helps improve our physical health. It can reduce stress, improve your immune system and your sleep, and lower your blood pressure. And when you’re feeling healthier, inside and out, you’ll be better equipped to handle the demands that many leaders face. Plus, a happier outlook can make you more empathetic and caring—qualities of the best leaders.

How to Practice Gratitude Every Day

  • Reflect once a day. Sometimes it’s easiest to practice gratitude at the very beginning of each day. Or, you may wish to reflect on the day’s event each night. Simply write down 3-5 things for which you’re thankful. Each day choose different things. Soon, you’ll begin to see all your blessings pile up, which can be incredibly motivating.
  • Be genuine. Thank your employees for their hard work, and really mean it. A generic thank you won’t mean much. But a heartfelt email or conversation that describes what was great about what an employee did or accomplished can mean much more.
  • Dole out compliments and congratulations. What do you appreciate about your employees? Let them know! If someone has completed a big project, recognize them. If someone has had a major life event, such as purchasing a home, congratulate them. Don’t let all the good stuff go unnoticed.
  • Recognize the work of all. You most likely have some team members who are frequently in the spotlight for big wins. And it’s great to recognize those folks. But don’t overlook the people behind the scenes who accomplish smaller tasks every day. All the hard work of your team adds to its success. Celebrate all wins and all team members.

In Search of More Team Members for 2021?

As your team accomplishes bigger and better things, you may find yourself in a period of growth. And when this happens, you can augment your staffing with new workers.

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