How Can Setting 2021 Goals Make You Happier in the Short and Long-Term?

What are your goals for the new year? If you’re like many, you already have a few in mind.

Goal setting is important because it gives us a clear path to reach our dreams. But, did you know goal-setting can also make you happier? It’s true. It’s almost like building a Short-Term Happiness Plan.

Feeling Good About the Future

Working toward goals can give you a sense of purpose. You know what you’d like to accomplish and you’ve mapped out the steps to get there.

They can also help remove some of your stress. Have you ever felt unsure about your future and find it keeps you up at night worrying? When you have a goal in mind, it makes the unknown a little more known—and a lot less scary.

Finding Meaning

When you have an idea of what you’d like to accomplish, it gives your life more meaning. Maybe you’d like to help young people as a teacher, or maybe you’d like to help your hometown by designing buildings. Maybe your plan is to become better at building websites for companies.

You might also have personal goals in mind, such as exercising a little more to feel better or eating more healthy foods.

Whether related to your career or personal health, goals give your life meaning because you know what you want.

Feeling Like You’ve Accomplished Something

And what happens when you can cross a goal off your to-do list? That feels great! To help you get there, start with small goals. Then work your way up to larger ones. Accomplishing small goals gives you the momentum to keep going. Set goals for one week, one month, a year, five years or ten years. You might be surprised what you can achieve!

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