Three Strategies To Help Alleviate Candidate Concerns When Screening A New Hire

You’re hiring, and the applications are rolling in. Next, you’ll need to start setting up interviews, including commitment level interview questions. But do you find yourself feeling as nervous as the interviewees? What is your process for how to screen job applicants?

The steps you take are important. You want to help candidates feel comfortable during an interview. This is the best way to get a true reading of what they’re really like. Comfortable candidates act the most like themselves. Your interviewing process helps you as much as it does the candidates.

How to screen job applicants

Interviews set people on edge. The best interviewers are good at helping people feel calm, so they’ll be as much like themselves as possible. This way, you’ll cut straight to the heart of things, and know as soon as possible if a candidate is right for the job. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Smile and say hello.

    Come across as kind and approachable—the type of person someone wants to talk to. A warm smile and friendly hello as you meet an applicant and shake their hand really set the stage for an interview. This is one of the best ways to get started with your plan for how to screen job applicants.

  2. Be on time.

    On the phone, video chat, or in person, your timeliness is very important. Have respect for the person on the other side of the table. They’re already nervous and want to get things started. They’ve spent time preparing and they’re ready to rock their interview! Do your part by being on time.

  3. Begin by breaking the ice.

    Don’t just jump right into things. Warm up the conversation by attempting to connect. If you’ve done some research and Googled the candidate, you may know more about their alma mater, sports teams, recreational interests, etc. If you have something in common, get the conversation rolling by opening with that topic.

Work with your recruiter

Still not feeling ready to interview—or are you short on time and just need to make some hiring matches? If this sounds like you, your recruiter can help. And Happy Faces Personnel Group is a perfect choice if you don’t yet work with a recruiter. We staff in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and we’re looking for you! Our top priority is making staffing matches that are just right. To learn more about us and the staffing services we offer, contact Happy Faces Personnel Group today!

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