How Might Process Automation Impact YOUR Hiring In 2021?

Technology helps make our lives much easier, especially when you’re wondering how to automate your recruitment process. And with recruitment automation tools, you can save yourself and your team time and effort when it’s time to do some staffing in Atlanta, Georgia, or wherever your business is located.

How to automate your recruitment process

By taking advantage of some key opportunities, you can implement process automation and make steps in your hiring process much easier. Consider the following recruitment automation tools that many employers are adding right now:

  • Pre-recorded telephone interviews.

    For many, the first step in the interview process is the phone interview. But this is a step that can be easily automated to make your process (and reviewing the interviews) run much smoother. Instead, ask candidates to answer a list of provided questions and record their own phone interview. Then, upload or email the interview. You’ll be able to block off time to view all recorded interviews back to back, making it much easier to compare and pre-screen candidates.

  • CRM software.

    A CRM (candidate relationship management) system automates your hiring process and handles steps, so you don’t need to. This can include scheduling interviews or collecting information with which to compare candidates.

  • Automated scheduling.

    An automated scheduling system is recruitment automation software that allows potential candidates to schedule their own interview slots and reschedule if they need to. You won’t need to spend time on the phone or go back and forth with emails. Open the program and check the calendar.

  • Evaluation software.

    Talent workflows through online sources and mobile apps help multiple interviewers review potential candidates on the go. Evaluation software includes recruitment automation tools that allow interviewers to connect at the time that works for them, rather than having to schedule calls that can eat up valuable time.

What recruitment support do you need?

From recruitment automation tools to other ways to improve your recruitment process, do you experience challenges and need support? Let a staffing agency take some or all of the steps off your hands.

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