Three Books To Help You Develop As A Manager This Spring

As 2021 gets into full swing, you may have plans for your career goals this year. Looking to learn something new? You can never have too much knowledge under your belt. And that’s why a leader of staffing in Tucker GA is recommending three books every manager should read.

What books should leaders read?

What is the best book to manage people? Volume upon volume is inked every year, and it can be overwhelming to choose which to go with. Your time is valuable and you want to spend it wisely.

Your best bet is to choose a book or two that is time-tested and has been popular through generations. The following have staying power, with advice that never gets old:

1. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

First released in 1936, this timeless classic includes steps you can take to be a better leader. It all boils down to how you interact with people, and how those interactions make them feel. Among Carnegie’s advice is to become genuinely interested in other people, be a good listener, and smile. His tips are smart and simple but can set you worlds ahead in the management realm.

2. The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Talk about classics—this was written more than two thousand years ago! But the information it contains is still relevant today. As a military leader, Sun Tzu held many philosophies for how to lead his troops. The book features one philosophy per chapter, and includes words of wisdom such as, “Supreme excellence rests in breaking the enemies resistance without fighting.” A must-read for all leaders.

3. My Years With General Motors by Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.

Another classic, this book first hit shelves in 1963. Nevertheless, the information it contains is still relevant today. A manager for decades during his career, Sloan describes the steps he took every day to be the best possible manager. The book is also heralded by Bill Gates and one of the best ever books on management.

2021 is going to be a good year!

It’s full of promise and plenty of time to boost your skills. Check out these books every manager should read and reap the benefits of your new-found knowledge.

Staff up this year, too!

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