Three coaching strategies to help motivate and develop your new hires

Your new employees are looking to you for guidance. After screening, and commitment level interview questions, you’ve chosen the best candidates for the job. Now is the time for training and onboarding to help them understand their role and responsibilities. However, training can also include motivating them to do a good job. So, if you’re wondering how to motivate employees as a manager, just follow these tips.

How to Motivate New Employees

Getting their training right is important. That’s because employees who are inspired are willing to work harder and are often more productive. You can use the following coaching strategies to help your new hires develop motivation to do their very best.

  1. Don’t be afraid to recognize accomplishments. Whether an employee is brand new, or a seasoned team member, it always feels good to get credit where credit is due. This is one of the most important and easiest ways for how to motivate employees as a manager. If one of your new hires has done a good job, had a great idea, demonstrated teamwork, etc., tell them! Also tell others—in a newsletter, on the intranet, or during a team meeting. Keep praise flowing and watch how motivated your workers become.
  2. Create a safe learning space. Mistakes are how people learn and improve. Your implementation period is the perfect time to explain this philosophy. This way, new employees will know from the start that learning something new means sticking with it, even if they make mistakes. A safe learning space encourages your workers to try new things and innovate: qualities that make strong teams and companies.
  3. Be clear about expectations. Everyone works better when they have a purpose and know what you are looking for. To help your new employees, clearly define their roles and explain their duties. Set deadlines and expectations. Having straightforward guidelines lets a new employee know how to do their very best, or start to exceed your expectations.

Need Help Training?

Implementation and onboarding is time-consuming, but it’s important to be thorough. This way, you start new employees off right to help them thrive in your company. And if you’re short on time, your recruiter can help. Simply ask what training services they offer and how much they’re able to take off your hands.

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