What SHOULD you look for when conducting a background check in Atlanta?

Background checks are an important part of your hiring process. First, they help you make sure the person you’re hiring is a high-caliber worker, and what they claim on their resume is true. And second, they help you protect your other employees and your business from potential danger. If you’re wondering what to look for when screening applicants, follow this advice from one of the leading employment agencies in Tucker Georgia.

Screening and Evaluating Candidates

There are many different things you can find out from screenings, depending on which you choose to conduct. Here’s a shortlist of background checks you can conduct and why they help.

  • References. By asking an applicant for a list of references and contacting them, you can learn more about the applicant’s work ethic and personality, plus verify employment history and education.
  • Social security. Can the applicant legally work in the United States? By verifying his or her Social Security Number, you can verify their identity and right to work.
  • Criminal history. Depending on the nature and extent of a criminal record, you could be taking an important step that keeps your workforce safe.
  • Drug screening. Working under the influence of chemical substances can cause safety issues on the job—for the candidate and for those working around him or her. A drug screening helps you uncover issues that could cause problems if you hire the applicant.
  • Credit check. This screening is perhaps most helpful for a person applying to work in a finance position or a job where they’ll be handling money. Past money troubles could raise a red flag.

Background Check Best Practices

Before you conduct any sort of background check, you must inform the applicant you’re doing so. You can handle all screening on your own, outsource it to another company that specializes in this service, or work with your recruiter. Be sure to follow all state laws and regulations to ensure you stay in compliance.

You can Rely on Happy Faces Personnel Group

To find highly qualified and vetted candidates in the Atlanta area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. We’ll help you understand what to look for when screening applicants and can even take care of the process for you. To learn more about our available staffing services, contact us today.

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