Looking to hire this fall? NOW is the time to start screening candidates

Is summer a good time of the year to hire? If you’re looking for new employees, you may want to take a break this summer for a little downtime. It’s understandable because as the weather gets warmer, everyone begins to daydream about vacations, pools, beaches, and frosty drinks. However, if you want the best selection of candidates, you may want to begin your hiring push right now.

Avoid the busy hiring season

The fall begins a months-long hiring push for many companies, which often extends into the first quarter. Though January and February tend to be busy months hiring-wise, the fall is when many begin the march toward a well-rounded workforce. This means lots of competition, as everyone makes a mad dash to gather up all the best and most talented workers. Why not avoid the rush?

Start right now!

Many candidates are recently graduated and eager to start working. And others who are fed up and looking for something new may take the “lazy days” of summer as a perfect opportunity to get their resume updated and start looking around. You can tap into the network of both active and passive candidates when you start your candidate search right away. Plus, it will be easier to beat your competition to top talent if they haven’t even begun looking yet.

Work with a recruiter

If the thought of getting started feels overwhelming, no worries. Staffing agencies are primed and ready to go, year-round. They’re prepared to take on even your toughest hiring challenges and help you find qualified candidates who will thrive within your company. Many offer a wide array of staffing services, so you can be as involved as you like—whether that means you prefer to retain control over most steps or turn the full responsibility over to your staffing partner. The choice is yours!

Looking for candidates in Atlanta?

Look no further than Happy Faces Personnel Group. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your staffing needs, with the goal of an easy fulfillment experience and best-matched candidates. Your satisfaction with our services is what we strive for. To learn more about how Happy Faces Personnel Group can help your Atlanta-based business, contact us today!

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