How to inspire your team when summer productivity starts to take a hit

As the weather gets warmer, employees’ thoughts turn more toward vacation and less toward work. It gets difficult to motivate workers during the summer months, and especially this year—post-pandemic, when activities and attractions are beginning to open back up. After the past summer spent social distancing at home, many employees are ready to soak up the sun, sand and fresh, summer air. And employers worry (with good reason) that this doesn’t leave much room for productivity at work.

How to keep employees motivated in the summer

You can take steps to help your workers stay on track when you take advantage of a few smart summertime tactics:

  1. Hold a contest. What for is totally up to you—it could be sales-related, numbers-dependent or something else entirely. But when you hold a contest, you increase the chance of keeping your workers motivated. Keep in mind that the prize must be significant enough to capture employees’ interest—be it cash, merchandise, a party or outing, or even a well-deserved day off. You might offer it to one lucky winner and a runner up, or the entire team for meeting a group goal. Always clear your plans first with Human Resources to be sure the prize you’re offering is within corporate limits.
  2. Allow flexible scheduling. Many people don’t like to work late into the afternoon during the summer—OR they don’t like to get up too early for work after being out the night before. Whatever your employees’ preferences, you can help accommodate them through flexible scheduling during the summertime months. The ability to work around summer activities can help employees enjoy the summer while staying motivated on the job.
  3. Have fun. Activities like lunchtime cookouts, team outings and afterwork happy hours infuse a little fun into the day and let employees blow off steam while getting to know each other. These activities can be something to look forward to that breaks up the monotony of the standard work week—especially during the summer.
  4. Give room to work outdoors. If your office setup allows, let employees make the most of the nice weather by allowing them time to work outdoors. This could include team meetings or even laptop work. This flexibility can be incredibly motivating and a great way to take advantage of the warm summer months while still getting work done.

Need more ideas for motivation?

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