Changing your workplace culture to make it a talent magnet

Do you have a workplace culture that attracts and retains employees? It makes a difference. Employees want to work for a company that shares the same values, takes care of its employees, and is just an overall nice place to work. If you can nail down an attractive company culture, you’ll soon become a talent magnet when it’s time to hire new workers.

How to build a workplace culture that attracts and retains employees

It takes a little work, but you can enhance your culture so it’s something to brag about in job postings and on your website:

  • Offer rich benefits. This includes the basics like medical, dental, and vision, but also wellness, 401(k), mental health support, profit sharing, stock options, and plenty of paid time off. When your employees feel that you care, they’re more likely to want to work for you AND stick around.
  • Let everyone have a voice. Employees want to know they’re part of the big picture and their work makes a difference. Structure meetings so everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts. This could include a blend of in-person and WebEx meetings, which accounts for both introverts and extroverts. Keep an open door (and inbox!) policy, so employees can talk to you in the way they feel most comfortable.
  • Have fun. Coffee and donuts? Check! Pizza for lunch? Check! Team outings? Check! It’s the little extras that make a job fun and motivating place to be. Offering the occasional free snack and schedule activities outside of work hours give employees a chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Listen to your employees. They’re closest to the work, after all. When employees have ideas for how to make changes and improvements, always listen. Then, implement employees’ ideas and give them full credit. It feels good to know that you have an impact on the work being done.
  • Be flexible with scheduling. This means during the summer, but also all year long. Flexible schedules help your workers accommodate their life and all their demands outside the office. Allowing them to flexibly fit everything in allows for work-life balance—a necessity in our busy, on-demand times.
  • Ask them what they need. What do your employees think would make work life a little better? Conduct an annual or semi-annual confidential survey to find out what’s working and what isn’t. This way, you can be sure to make changes that matter to your staff.

In search of new employees?

As you build your culture, you may need new workers to fill it. And Happy Faces Personnel Group can help. To learn more about the staffing services we offer, contact us today!

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