The key to finding your next job…based on transferrable skills you’ve developed in past positions

With each job, you add more and more to your toolbox of career skills. Some apply to very specific job roles and others can be applied across roles and industries. Transferable job skills are those that qualify you for other jobs, not necessarily just those in your industry. In fact, transferable skills may help you land jobs that you are a little under-qualified for, especially when you can learn things on-the-job. That’s good to know, especially if you’re busy looking around for something new!

Top Transferrable Job Skills

So, what skills are the best to include on your resume for your next job? Experts recommend the following:

  • Ability to work as part of a team. Do you have experience working together with others—and when it comes down to it, you actually enjoy it? You may be surprised to learn that being able to work well with others is a desired skill with many employers. So if you have experience working as part of a team, this is good to highlight in your resume.
  • Leadership skills. Being able to train, mentor, inspire and support other workers on your team gives you the building blocks to valuable leadership skills. And good leaders can be hard to find! Even if you weren’t officially a leader (i.e., didn’t have people reporting to you), you can still highlight any initiative you took to guide or help other people within your company.
  • Time management and organization. Ask any project manager—not everyone is good at managing their time or juggling multiple deadlines, projects, tasks… you name it. So if this is something you’re good at, make it front and center on your resume, and give specific examples.
  • Good communication. This one will be pretty apparent by how your resume and cover letter are written. But it doesn’t hurt to describe a little about your communication skills. These include listening, writing, and sharing information with others on your team to get the job done right and efficiently.
  • Research and analysis. To stay competitive, companies need to check out what others in the industry are doing and keep pace. They also need to understand what customers want to figure out how to deliver. And this is where research and analysis comes in! You might have formal training in this, or just be good at checking the internet to sleuth out new ideas. Either way, include information about it on your resume.

Work with Your Recruiter

He or she can help you understand your top transferable skills and what to include on your resume as you look for your next job. And if you need a recruiter in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group. To learn more, contact us today!

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