Finding the passion: How to work with your team to make them excited to show up every day

Every employer wants a culture where employees want to be. It just makes sense. Happy and fulfilled employees work hard, love what they do, and contribute so much to the company’s goals and success. This past year has been really difficult on people, though, as we’ve all had to navigate changes, new processes, and ongoing worry. It’s more important now than ever before to take steps that make your workplace fun and motivating for your workers.

How to Motivate Employees in Atlanta

It’s really quite easy to help your employees enjoy work when you know the right things to do. Try any of the following:

  • Try “spot” bonuses. We’re a fast-paced, instant gratification, two-day shipping kind of society. So it can be the most meaningful to your workers when you thank them right away for specific accomplishments. It sends the message that a recent action was exactly the type of thing you’re looking for. “Spot” bonuses are quick rewards you can give for a job well done and can include cash, gift cards, company swag, or merchandise.
  • Focus on intrinsic values. Beyond a certain threshold, extrinsic values such as money and title no longer motivate your employees. It can be much more effective long-term to focus on intrinsic values that workers hold dear. Values such as purpose, autonomy, progress, and relationships, for example, can be much stronger motivators. So how might you motivate in this way? One example could be allowing an employee to work on projects that help her develop the career skills she needs to reach her dream job. Or, if a few workers enjoy tackling projects together, put them on a team together. Intrinsic values help support who an employee is as a person and let them work more closely based on their passion.
  • Talk about the “why.” When a project is important, it’s more inspiring to let workers know why and how their work will directly benefit the team, department, and company. Explaining the “whys” behind work helps your employees feel connected to something larger than themselves, and understand how their work fits in and matters to the company overall. This is incredibly motivating.
  • Make goals manageable. When a big project or end goal is looming up ahead, it can be intimidating. This makes it hard for an employee to know where to begin. But when you help your workers break large tasks down into smaller, more manageable ones, it’s easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Crossing small things off their to-do list is motivating and feels good—making it much easier to accomplish the big stuff.

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