We get it…everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Happy Faces help you find the best candidates in Atlanta?

Looking for the right candidates, but not finding who you need? We understand—staffing can be a tall order. And what makes it all the more stressful is that having to replace the wrong hires can be expensive. So, it goes without saying you want to find the right people up front, right away. No one wants to have re-dos when it comes to their workforce.

Let us Introduce Ourselves

We’re Happy Faces Personnel Group, and we work hard for the customers we serve to help you find the very best employee matches. We specialize in a few key areas:

  • We use highly effective and creative recruiting tools.
  • We give our clients access to deeper networks of candidates.
  • We’re experienced in staffing the Atlanta area. (We’ve been doing this for a while!).

Happy Faces works with you to understand your staffing needs and whom you’re looking for. Then, we help you find more productive, better-qualified workers—just the candidates you want!

Find the Right Candidates Quickly

We know what you might be thinking—“Sure, but how long is all of this going to take?” You might be surprised to learn we work quickly. Our staffing process goes as follows:

  • You contact us to place a request for a candidate.
  • We get in touch with you to understand exactly what type of person you need.
  • We get to work! Some candidate requests are filled within four hours—no kidding!
  • We screen candidates who match your requirements.
  • We provide an array of staffing services—onboarding, orientation, and training.
  • Last but certainly not least, we can offer a backup person on standby, just in case you need someone.

Are You Ready to Connect?

Happy Faces Personnel Group prides ourselves on exceeding your surpassing service performance standards, exceeding expectations, and building customer relationships based on trust and respect. We strive for staffing services that feature innovative and creative thinking based on honesty, transparency, and integrity. And… we can’t wait to meet you!

For more information about our available staffing services and all the ways we can help you find highly qualified, best-matched candidates, reach out to Happy Faces today!

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