Need some extra cash? A part-time temporary job through the winter is the perfect solution

You may have noticed an abundance of “We’re hiring” signs in your town or city. Part-time employment is available everywhere—for a wide variety of industries. If you have any downtime and want to make some extra money, a part-time job is a great option.

How a Part-Time Job Can Help You

Beyond the obvious (adding more to your bank account), part-time work has some great benefits:

  • Learn some extra skills. The part-time job you choose will allow you to learn some new job-related skills you can add to your resume. This could include soft skills like communication and teamwork, or hard skills, like learning how to use specific software, programs, tools or machines.
  • Work on your customer service. Many part-time jobs are available in the service industry, working with the public. If you’ve never worked directly with people before, your part-time job will give you a chance to build your customer service skills. If you choose a job that allows for tips (such as waiting tables or bartending), you’ll be able to work on your customer service with the added benefit of extra money.
  • Meet people. From coworkers to customers to your boss and supervisor, you’ll have lots of time to meet new people. If you didn’t exactly enjoy the shut-in feeling of quarantine, now is your time to get out there and shine! Plus, you can build your professional network, for connections that could help you further down the road.
  • Have fun. Hey, why not? A part-time job around new people always gives you the chance to have fun. Let yourself enjoy the feeing of learning something new and meeting new faces—you might even make some new friends along the way!
  • Make the most of your free time. While many of us idle away spare time watching the latest series on Netflix, you can rest easy knowing you’re working towards a bigger bank account.
  • Save, save, save. Another popular pastime during downtime is shopping, which can also lead to frivolous spending. You’ll have the added bonus of NOT shopping during your free time, while also making money—cha-ching!

In Search of a Part-Time Job?

They’re easier than ever to find these days. Check job sites and local businesses. If you feel you could use a hand, a recruiter can also help. If you’re in search of part-time work in the Atlanta area, check out Happy Faces Personnel Group! Visit our job search page to start your search.

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