How can partnering with Happy Faces help you offload hiring responsibilities?

The current job market has many of us just a little stressed out. Candidates can be hard to find, let alone people with the right skills and qualifications. And the hiring process can be long and drawn out… robbing you of valuable time you might otherwise be spending running your company.

That’s why many employers put their hiring needs in the hands of a staffing agency. You might choose to place some or all the steps involved in hiring with a staffing firm… it all depends on what you need, how much time you have to work with, and what you prefer to do on your own, versus outsource.

What Happy Faces offers

We provide our client partners with a full array of staffing services for the following types of arrangements:

  • Temporary—short-term fill-ins to help you manage staffing gaps and special projects
  • Temporary-to-hire—a short-term employee whom you can decide to transition if an employment window opens
  • Permanent placement—long-term hires that match well with your required qualifications
  • Executive placement—the leaders you need in place to run your business
  • Vendor on premises—help managing your large contingent workforce
  • Managed staffing—save time, money and frustration with streamlined staffing

Get the staffing help you need, when you need it

From requisition to screening to orientation, Happy Faces Personnel Group handles the tasks you need completed to get the right people in place. Our goal is quality matches with highly qualified candidates—removing the risk of bad hiring choices. Don’t have the time and prefer to avoid the headaches associated with the hiring process? We’re here for you. Our creative and innovative staffing process helps you find just the right candidates.

Check out Happy Faces

How can we help? We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find the employees who fit best. Looking to fill positions quickly? No worries. Sometimes jobs are filled within the first four hours of requisition. The candidate market may be tough right now, but we’re the Atlanta staffing experts to have in your corner. To learn more, contact us today!

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