Can a Recruiter Really Help You Take the Next Step in Your Career?

If you’re looking for a new job, you might have wondered what it’s like to work with a recruiter. Is it worth it? Is it better to search on your own? Many times when people think of recruiters, they instantly think temp agency. Though a recruiter can help you find a temporary job, they can also help you find more permanent work—especially jobs you’re best suited for.

What Do Recruiters Do?

The role of a recruiter is NOT to find jobs for people. Just the opposite! It’s to find people for jobs. Recruiters work for their clients helping them fill open positions. However, if you’re contacted by a recruiter, it makes your job search much easier. Here’s why:

  • Find a job faster than searching on your own. When you think about how long it takes to find a job, you have to consider all the steps. There’s getting your resume and cover letter together. Then, you’ll need to apply to a job, which involves filling in an application. And of course, you need to take time to find jobs to apply to, which is no easy feat. And then you need to coordinate interviews (and prepare for them). It’s a lot! But a recruiter can cut your time down considerably, making possible jobs much faster to find—because they reach out to you!
  • Make more connections. Did you know that some jobs never even hit online job sites? It’s true! This is because some employers work exclusively with recruiters to fill open jobs. So if you’re contacted by a recruiter, you’re literally tapping into the “hidden” job market, expanding your connections.
  • Gain expert help with the process. A recruiter wants you to succeed because they want to place their clients with the most qualified people. So if you’ve been contacted by a recruiter, he or she will work with you to prepare your documents and get ready for your interview—so you’ll do your very best!
  • Get your foot in the door. It can be hard to land your resume on a hiring manager’s desk by simply applying. But with a recruiter, you resume will fall directly into the hands it needs to for you to get the job. In other words, a recruiter is your direct line to a potential employer.

Looking for a New Job?

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