A comment from our President & CEO

HAPPINESS…the feeling of great pleasure, is the theme of our living and the theme of our operations.

HAPPINESS…universal and welcomed everywhere and by everyone.

HAPPINESS…underlines our business structure and our principles.

June 24, 2021

Happy Faces Personnel Group, Inc has been in operation as a Georgia-based corporation for 25 years. We have and continue to provide a wide range of staffing solutions to private and government sector customers alike. We are a values-based organization, holding ourselves accountable for every action, every comment. We do not typically respond in a public forum to every criticism received or accusations made of our organization, leaders, or our employees. In the case of recent public comments made about our funding sources over the years, (namely, NowCorp), we want to be unequivocal.

Happy Faces is currently and always has been a privately held organization with no investor funding or outside influence. Happy Faces has entertained various funding sources during our existence, but under no circumstances have we EVER taken loans, lines of credit or other Accounts Receivable-based lending from NowCorp, (or any non-bank lender for that matter). We are 100% self-funded. Our reasoning is simple, we focus on our relationship with our customers and our banks and manage our operation in a fiscally responsible manner. Operating in a self-funded manner also allows us to avoid the typically higher cost of operating through alternative lending options available to us. This is relevant as it not only speaks to our ability to obtain credit from our healthy operation for over 25 years, but it speaks to the non-existent, but implied association with any partisan organization, financial or otherwise.

Happy Faces has operated on integrity and honesty for the life of our organization. Asking ourselves if our actions are truthful, fair, will build goodwill and benefit those involved guide us to doing what is right. Our values and belief structure have shown us for decades that operating like this makes the TRUTH much easier to see.

To our employees, thank you for continuing to shine and perform,
To our staff, thank you for being the beacon of truth, light and integrity,
To our customers, thank you for the confidence you have placed in our organization.

May we continue to serve you all.

Michael Hairston