A comment from our President & CEO

HAPPINESS…the feeling of great pleasure, is the theme of our living and the theme of our operations.

HAPPINESS…universal and welcomed everywhere and by everyone.

HAPPINESS…underlines our business structure and our principles.

Looking ahead, we conceptualized and committed to a plan at Happy Faces at the beginning of 2021. We committed to investing in new resources and tools, to increased efficiency and updated systems. We committed to restructuring and to strategic innovation. Inevitably, challenges were put to us–internally and externally. None perhaps, as difficult as the loss of our founder Lenard Hairston. As a result of these challenges, aspects of the plan were dropped. Elements of execution were redirected. But our ability to respond and to adapt positively stemmed as always from the vision. The vision, working in tandem with the mission, doesn’t change from year to year.

What the vision comes down to is for all of us at Happy Faces to continue to grow and develop as servant leaders. As we each learn more deeply how to listen, extend empathy, build goodwill and accountability in service to our community, the ability of the organization to meet its goals only increases. Now at year’s end, looking back, so many of the challenges of 2021 have been met while also providing us with opportunities to learn, do what’s right, and move forward in service.

2022 will undoubtedly bring its own challenges. And again, looking ahead, we are already planning and applying the foresight gained through experience, learning and analysis of past trends. But the confidence and optimism I feel now stems–as always–from my faith and from our careful stewardship of the vision.

The Happy Faces staff and I look forward to working with and on your behalf in 2022. Until then we are all wishing you a Merry Christmas and peaceful holiday season.

In Service,

Michael Hairston