A comment from our President & CEO

HAPPINESS…the feeling of great pleasure, is the theme of our living and the theme of our operations.

HAPPINESS…universal and welcomed everywhere and by everyone.

HAPPINESS…underlines our business structure and our principles.

Happy Faces takes the phrase “family business” seriously. We don’t do much without considering the effects our decisions have on our extended community. It is in following this process of consideration that we have decided to update our COVID-19 Policy for all staff and employees. Effective immediately. Happy Faces Personnel will require, as a condition of employment, all staff, and employees to either

1) be immunized by vaccination against COVID-19
2) be tested weekly for COVID-19. We have added a dedicated page to our website and are implementing a secure form for the upload of documentation. Our HR division will monitor, maintain, and file information as it comes in.

The vaccines have been proven as effective and safe and members of a vaccinated workforce are far less likely to risk infecting their co-workers, customers, family members or friends. The Happy Faces goal is always to prioritize the health and safety of those with whom we work, and we believe this policy supports that effort. The complete document can be found at https://www.hfpersonnel.com/covid.

  • To our employees, thank you for continuing to shine and perform,
  • To our staff, thank you for being the beacon of truth, light and integrity,
  • To our customers, thank you for the confidence you have placed in our organization.
  • May we continue to serve you all.

    Wishing you and yours continued health,

    Michael Hairston