A letter from our President and CEO

HAPPINESS…the feeling of great pleasure, is the theme of our living and the theme of our operations.

HAPPINESS…universal and welcomed everywhere and by everyone.

HAPPINESS…underlines our business structure and our principles.

As founder of Happy Faces Personnel Group, I have expressed over the years that throughout my life, in general, Happiness has been a driving force in my successes. With my faith, family’s great guidance and support, I happily achieved success during my college years by graduating in record time from Kent State University. I found happiness as a student athlete through my years of academic, athletic and social opportunities. Opportunities that led to good decisions, including the birth of Happy Faces.

Immediately following graduation, I started and finished a 25-year executive career in various industries, all while still carrying the spirit of Happiness. With proper preparation through school and my career, opportunities would become readily available. I explored one such opportunity and proceeded to start Happy Faces, reflecting my values and nature, making the best use of my experience and education, and fully utilizing the gifts I was blessed with. The vision of servicing the public with this constant theme of happiness and success was just the beginning.

Using these energies from personal happiness, it did not take long to realize that delivering “happiness” with and through all aspects of our services is paramount to those we serve. After all, there can never be too much happy.

With these thoughts, beliefs and commitments, Happy Faces Personnel Group was founded in 1994. The company’s uncompromising mission was to happily service customers and clients alike with satisfying results by placing the focus of our efforts on the “HUMAN” factor. We found that treating people with dignity and respect not only leads to satisfying results, but aides in retaining everyone’s satisfaction in Happy Faces. We find that people across all walks enjoy having their mindsets refreshingly restored with our exceeding and sometimes shattering of expectations.

As the company continues its happy growth, so grows its customers and clients. The beliefs and guiding principles held by Happy Faces support our unconventional way of thinking. My aim is to ensure decisions my staff and I make deliver goodwill, benefit to all involved, remain fair at all times, and above all maintain integrity, honesty and openness.

I look forward to learning how I can be of service to you,

Lenard Hairston