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How far back should your resume go? Is five years the new standard?

Improving Your Resume

When you’re getting your resume together to apply to a job, one of the biggest and most important sections is your work history. If you’ve been in the working world for a bit, you may find this section stretching further than you feel it should—but you’re quite sure where to trim it. So what can… Read More »

Understanding Emotions: How to Help an Employee Who Might Be Going through a Difficult Patch in Their Personal Life

Navigating Emotions in the Workplace

Depression can make work-life difficult for an employee. It’s hard to be productive and get things done when you don’t feel like yourself—and depression makes it difficult to get and stay motivated. Employees going through a difficult time may appear moody, distracted, forgetful, indecisive, tired or bored. But despite a shift in attitude that makes it harder to get… Read More »

Is a suit necessary for an interview? Or is business casual enough?

Wearing Suits to an Interview

When you land a job interview, it’s an exciting time! You’re a step closer to a new job and you want to impress the interviewer. One of the most obvious things to think about is your appearance: what should you wear? The classic attire for an interview is a power suit, but is this still… Read More »

How might quiet time with a book improve your overall health and well-being?

Improve Mental Health through Reading

Life is stressful! We’re constantly inundated with information—from the internet, social media, advertisements, and more. Add on top of this work and home responsibilities, and many of us may find ourselves overwhelmed with too much to do. This constant state of being 110 percent on, 110 percent of the time can take a toll on… Read More »

Want to Improve your happiness? Learn to say no!

One of the worst feelings is a lack of control. When you don’t have control over your situation, you feel powerless and unhappy. It feels much better to call the shots that affect your life, especially at work. No one wants to be at the beck and call of everyone around them—when you probably have… Read More »

Three Books all Managers Should read in 2020

Plenty of knowledge can be gained from books, especially if you’re looking to refresh your management skills in the New Year. You may have set goals for the knowledge you’d like to brush up on or new skills you’d like to learn. A learning plan is a good strategy for any working professional looking to… Read More »

How to react when you notice a typo in your freshly-submitted resume

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Not for the faint of heart, the search for a new job can have you on edge! It involves many time-consuming steps, and it can take weeks—or even months—for the perfect job opportunity to pop up. So, after all your hard work, once you’ve hit send on your application, you probably feel ready to lean… Read More »

Should you accept the water or coffee offered to you before an interview?

You’ve arrived at your interview and you’re ready to impress! You want to do your very best and make all the right choices. So when your interviewer offers you water or coffee, what should you say? Do they expect you to say yes or no, and what is the right answer? Read on to learn… Read More »

How to get a job you’re underqualified for… but really want

You’ve just come across a job description that sounds like your dream job! But there’s just one problem… you’re underqualified. You may feel all is lost, but this is not necessarily true. Sure, for certain job fields, such as medicine or law—being underqualified is most likely a no-go. But for other fields, such as tech,… Read More »

Three team builders that DON’T involve alcohol

How to Motivate Employees as a Manager | Happy Faces Personnel Group

It’s healthy for coworkers to hang out together. Getting to know each other helps everyone forms bonds that lead to improved collaboration, friendlier office culture, and happier employees. But when alcohol is involved, it can be alienating to those who don’t drink, problematic for those who do, and even dangerous when employees need to travel… Read More »