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Why should you check in with a staffing firm or recruiter 6-12 months after being placed on an assignment?

After a recruiter has placed you with a job, you may feel this is the end of the relationship. You were looking for a new job and you found one—so what would be the point of reaching out? Well, a recruiter is a good partner to have in your corner, because you never know what… Read More »

The key to forecasting your hiring outlook for 2022

Write Down Annual Goals

No one without a crystal ball can predict the future with 100-percent accuracy. But employers these days are a little nervous, and with good reason. Staffing shortages are affecting industries like health care and technology, and new employees with the right skills can be hard to find. Forecasting future hiring needs is important, because planning… Read More »

How might you change up your morning routine to maximize your happiness throughout the day?

Improving Morning Routine | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Some of us are just not morning people! Still, the way you spend the moments right after you wake up can have a huge impact on the rest of your day. There’s no secret recipe for everyone, but by trying a few techniques, you’ll be able to find what works for you. Morning Routines that… Read More »

Can a Recruiter Really Help You Take the Next Step in Your Career?

Partner with an Atlanta Recruiter | Happy Faces Personnel Group

If you’re looking for a new job, you might have wondered what it’s like to work with a recruiter. Is it worth it? Is it better to search on your own? Many times when people think of recruiters, they instantly think temp agency. Though a recruiter can help you find a temporary job, they can… Read More »

Should you start measuring your team’s success on different KPIs and standards?

Setting Team KPIs | Happy Faces Personnel Group

With a New Year comes the opportunity for change, growth and improvement. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you track your company’s performance and measure your success toward reaching goals. You’ll always need goals to keep your company moving forward, and KPIs are the way you stay on track. They affect everyone in your company, from… Read More »

How to beat the first-interview nervous feeling

Reducing Interview Nerves | Happy Faces Personnel Group

You’ve got an interview coming up and you’re excited, but you’re also nervous! You really want the job and want to do your very best. What happens if you’re put on the spot and not sure how to respond? What happens if you get stuck in traffic and show up late? These are among many… Read More »

What should you do if you feel unmotivated and uninspired?

We all wish we could start every day with tons of energy and motivation. If this wasn’t true, coffee shops wouldn’t be so popular! They give us the zing we need to get going, whether that’s thinking creatively, problem solving or just starting the day. What techniques do you use that are like caffeine for… Read More »

Happy with your current job? Here’s three reasons you should still chat with a recruiter this spring

If you’re happy with your current job and a recruiter contacts you, it may seem pointless to take the call. After all, you don’t want the job—you’re happy with where you’re at. Right? You’re busy and your time is valuable… and you don’t want to spend 15 minutes chatting with someone who will have no… Read More »