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The key to managing your hiring demands better this year

If you’re looking for new candidates and coming up short, you’re not alone. The current “war on talent” is upon us, and employers worldwide are having difficulty meeting hiring demands. There’s simply a shortage of talent in certain industries, as the pandemic has given workers a chance to hit the “pause” button, decide what they… Read More »

Why all successful professionals write down their goals and revisit them regularly

Write Down Annual Goals

If you set goals for the New Year, you probably know it takes more than just setting them. Lots of people have the best of intentions, but when it comes to actually DOING something about their goals, they tend to forget them right about the time January is in the rearview. That’s why it helps… Read More »

The key to prioritizing your mental health in 2022

Many of us are feeling the toll that the pandemic has had on our mental health. It’s exhausting getting used to new health and safety rules, new working conditions and with the constant worry of sickness looming overhead. You may feel your stress and anxiety has reached its peak! Now is the best time to… Read More »

How might a staffing firm provide you with access to a better pool of open jobs?

Looking for a new job in 2022? You probably already know what a long process it is! First, you have to get your resume updated, and then draft your cover letter. Next, it’s time to look through job sites for possible open jobs. You might also get email notifications about open jobs you can apply… Read More »

Leadership tips and ideas to get you motivated for 2022

If 2021 was an example for us all, employers should be worried about retaining employees in 2022. During the pandemic, workers have had a chance to pause and think about what they want—and for many, this has lead to quitting their jobs to find something else, or just to slow down a little bit. But… Read More »

How can you better measure your success in 2022?

As you set your resolutions for the New Year, you may be wondering—how do you know when you’re done? It’s all about goal setting. If you plan specific goals and make them measurable, you’ll easily be able to track your progress and success in 2022. Set SMART goals One of the best ways to reach… Read More »

Why it’s good to take a day off

The Key to Setting 2021 Goals | Happy Faces Personnel Group

You may feel that taking a day off isn’t a good idea. You’re worried you might miss work and fall behind, or be out of the loop when you return. But did you know there are health benefits to taking a day off? Your body needs to recharge, and you can actually return to the… Read More »

How can partnering with Happy Faces help you offload hiring responsibilities?

The current job market has many of us just a little stressed out. Candidates can be hard to find, let alone people with the right skills and qualifications. And the hiring process can be long and drawn out… robbing you of valuable time you might otherwise be spending running your company. That’s why many employers… Read More »

With so many options in employment agencies, why should you partner with Happy Faces Personnel Services?

How to Be Happy and Confident | Happy Faces Personnel Group

When you’re ready to work with a staffing firm, you want to choose the right one. You should feel comfortable connecting with your contact and everything you interact with at the agency. They should meet (and even exceed) your staffing needs. And you should be placed with qualified candidates who meet all your requirements. But… Read More »

Four motivational books to help your happiness in 2022

As we approach the New Year, many of us start thinking forward about our resolutions. What do we want to achieve in 2022, and what projects and goals can we plan for ourselves? It all starts with motivation! Four Books to Help You Get Motivated Why not choose a few books to add to your… Read More »