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Looking to 2018: How can you make this upcoming year the best 365 days of your career?

A new year means a fresh start and lots of possibilities for your career! So as 2018 approaches—don’t sit back. Be proactive and make plans to have your best year yet. Five Ways to Rock Your Career in 2018 Follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies in Atlanta, Georgia—Happy Faces Personnel Group—and… Read More »

How can you get your process-driven employees to think more creatively?

Creativity and innovation set companies ahead of the competition! So if you’ve noticed your employees simply going through the motions day in and day out, they may just need some mental stimulation. You can build a creative company culture and inspire your workforce to “think outside the box” with these five tips from one of… Read More »

Top Reasons to Return a Recruiter’s Phone Call

If you’re contacted by a recruiter out of the blue, you may be thrown off. After all—maybe you’re perfectly happy with your current job and not looking for something new. However, it’s always a good idea to call a recruiter back. And here’s three reasons why, as recommended by a top provider of jobs in… Read More »

Looking for a New Job in Swainsboro? Make Sure You Thoroughly Read the Job Description Before Applying! Here’s Why!

Looking for a new job in Swainsboro, Georgia? If so, you’ll want to review the job description like a pro—it’s a very valuable document that helps guide your job search. Taking a job description seriously is tremendously helpful—it gives you several important clues to make your job process much easier. Why You Should be Careful… Read More »

How to Network with Potential Candidates… When You’re Limited on Time

Good job candidates are hard—but not impossible—to find. Everyone knows the entire hiring process can be lengthy. But even as a busy manager, you can take steps to make it much easier and faster to find top talent in your industry. Just follow these sourcing tips from one of the best temp agencies in Atlanta—Happy… Read More »

Four Tactics to Bring out the Best in Your Employees, Month After Month

Engaged employees work hard and stay loyal to their company. These are the staff every employer wants, but how do you build a strong culture within your business? Four Ways to Motivate Your Staff It’s not as hard as you may think to encourage productivity and positive energy. Just start with these simple culture-building tactics… Read More »

How Long Should You Wait Before You Follow Up with an Interviewer a Second Time?

Follow up is important to stay top-of-mind after an interview. So after your initial thank you email, when should you follow up with your interviewer? The key is to come across as passionate and eager, but not pushy or even desperate. And it’s easy with these tips from an expert in city of Atlanta employment—Happy… Read More »

Four Things to Do When You Get Home from a Career Fair

Job fairs are important networking opportunities. Where else can you meet a variety of hiring managers and learn about companies directly from employee representatives? So when you’ve attended a job fair, had great conversations and met new job contacts, what should you do next? Just follow these tips from one of the top temp agencies… Read More »

Seven Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Recognize Your Employees More Frequently

Recognizing your workers has multiple benefits. First, they understand that you see and appreciate their hard work. Second, it helps them understand the parameters of a job well done and what you expect. And finally, it encourages your staff to keep up the hard work—because good things will come! Just follow these top recognition tips… Read More »

The Secret to Presenting Yourself as Eager But Not Desperate in an Interview

Every hiring manager is looking for a candidate that’s passionate and excited for a new job. But the key in your job search is not to let your eagerness go overboard, which is a red flag for employers. The key is to be eager—but not desperate—in your job search. And you can find out how… Read More »