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Seven Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Recognize Your Employees More Frequently

Recognizing your workers has multiple benefits. First, they understand that you see and appreciate their hard work. Second, it helps them understand the parameters of a job well done and what you expect. And finally, it encourages your staff to keep up the hard work—because good things will come! Just follow these top recognition tips… Read More »

The Secret to Presenting Yourself as Eager But Not Desperate in an Interview

Every hiring manager is looking for a candidate that’s passionate and excited for a new job. But the key in your job search is not to let your eagerness go overboard, which is a red flag for employers. The key is to be eager—but not desperate—in your job search. And you can find out how… Read More »

Referral Programs are Usually Positive! But What Are the Negatives?

Employee referral programs offer many benefits for your recruitment process. You can find new workers quickly and easily, and can get an impression of the quality of these potential new hires. But if you’re considering an employee referral program to source new candidates, it’s also a good idea to weigh the possible drawbacks of these… Read More »

Identifying a Toxic Working Environment… and How to Improve it ASAP

Ideally, we’d all like to run a supportive, healthy work environment. You know the type—with happy, productive employees; great idea sharing; innovative projects; industry-leading products—the best of the best in the field. The type of company all candidates want to work for. And then there’s “toxic” work environments—the ones no candidates want to work for.… Read More »

Landing Your Next Job: Is it Possible to Eliminate That Anxious Feeling After Leaving an Interview?

Interviews strike fear into the hearts of many. And sometimes, you may find yourself so worked up for your interview that it’s tough to calm down once it’s over. A healthy stress response is good—it will help you rise to the occasion and remain focused on the task at hand, allowing you to deliver the… Read More »

Start Listening to These Five Podcasts to Refocus Your Efforts and Get Motivated

How excited do you feel about your career? Have you ever noticed how a few inspirational words can make all the difference in your day? If you’re looking for a mantra to keep in your head for encouragement, or if you’re simply looking for inspiration—there’s a Podcast for that! The beauty of Podcasts is you… Read More »

Creating a Culture of Positivity: How to Reposition Your Team Mentality

To an outside observer, what’s the first impression someone would have of your company culture? Would they walk into your business and immediately feel the love, or would they notice an invisible cloud over everyone’s heads? The answer to this question is important because positive energy in your workplace helps encourage idea sharing, hard work… Read More »

How Can You Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile so Recruiters Start Contacting YOU for Jobs?

There’s no doubt about it—LinkedIn is the number one source for employers and recruiters come hiring time. And it makes sense: where else can you find key career information about a sea of candidates, right at your fingertips? LinkedIn helps those looking to hire, but it can help you, too. This online database of resumes… Read More »

What Questions Can You Ask a Candidate to Determine Their Reliability?

What qualities make a candidate reliable? Some might say showing up on time everyday. Others might say a reliable candidate is someone you can trust to do the right thing—to protect your brand, complete tasks to the best of their ability, and maintain a solid work ethic. So really, a reliable candidate is one you… Read More »

Stop Wasting Time at Job Fairs by Following These Tips

Looking for a new job? If you’ve recently graduated or are just looking to find something new, job fairs are a smart place to start. You can chat in person with representatives from companies you’re interested in—plus allow them to connect your smiling face with all the accomplishments on your resume. A job fair is… Read More »