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We get it…everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Happy Faces help you find the best candidates in Atlanta?

Hiring in Atlanta Georgia | Atlanta Staffing Firms

Looking for the right candidates, but not finding who you need? We understand—staffing can be a tall order. And what makes it all the more stressful is that having to replace the wrong hires can be expensive. So, it goes without saying you want to find the right people up front, right away. No one… Read More »

We get it… everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Happy Faces help you reduce your time to hire?

Reducing time to Hire in Atlanta Georgia | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Looking to hire new employees, but short on time? It can take a month or more to complete the full hiring process, and an extra-long wait time can result in losing talent who simply lost interest waiting to hear back from you. The key is to find highly qualified and well-matched talent, which makes your… Read More »

Finding the passion: How to work with your team to make them excited to show up every day

Motivating Your Workforce

Every employer wants a culture where employees want to be. It just makes sense. Happy and fulfilled employees work hard, love what they do, and contribute so much to the company’s goals and success. This past year has been really difficult on people, though, as we’ve all had to navigate changes, new processes, and ongoing… Read More »

Changing your workplace culture to make it a talent magnet

Building a Workplace Culture that Retains and Attracts Top Employees

Do you have a workplace culture that attracts and retains employees? It makes a difference. Employees want to work for a company that shares the same values, takes care of its employees, and is just an overall nice place to work. If you can nail down an attractive company culture, you’ll soon become a talent… Read More »

How to inspire your team when summer productivity starts to take a hit

Bored at Work During Peak Summer Season

As the weather gets warmer, employees’ thoughts turn more toward vacation and less toward work. It gets difficult to motivate workers during the summer months, and especially this year—post-pandemic, when activities and attractions are beginning to open back up. After the past summer spent social distancing at home, many employees are ready to soak up… Read More »

Why you should have a conversation about work-life integration with your workforce

Work-Life Integration in Atlanta Georgia

Life these days is so busy. Technology has made it easier to do more in less time, and as a result—most of us are trying to do as much as possible in as little time as possible. Balancing work with home can be overwhelming when they’re viewed as two separate entities. But the concept of… Read More »

A Few Strategies to Help Retain Your Best Employees

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that alternate work arrangements are valuable! Many companies who offered work-at-home for employees have decided to continue this arrangement in some form for the foreseeable future. Working from home, and other more flexible work options, are helpful for a wide range of employees, but especially those with… Read More »

Hiring? Your next A-player is out there… and we can you help find them

Hiring in Atlanta Georgia | Happy Faces Personnel Group

If you’re in search of new staff, you know it can take time to find the right people. But it’s important to do that. Making the wrong hiring choices will disrupt your workforce and simply waste the time you invested to find them. It helps to work with a recruiter, because there are many benefits… Read More »

Looking to hire this fall? NOW is the time to start screening candidates

Hiring in the Fall | Atlanta Hiring Support

Is summer a good time of the year to hire? If you’re looking for new employees, you may want to take a break this summer for a little downtime. It’s understandable because as the weather gets warmer, everyone begins to daydream about vacations, pools, beaches, and frosty drinks. However, if you want the best selection… Read More »

What SHOULD you look for when conducting a background check in Atlanta?

Conducting a Background Check in Atlanta

Background checks are an important part of your hiring process. First, they help you make sure the person you’re hiring is a high-caliber worker, and what they claim on their resume is true. And second, they help you protect your other employees and your business from potential danger. If you’re wondering what to look for… Read More »