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Struggling to Retain Your Workforce? Use These Tips to Find New Great Hires

These days, many employers are finding themselves short-staffed as employees are leaving in record numbers. Some are transitioning to other jobs, and others are simply leaving the workforce. Making attempts to hold onto your current staff is a top priority, but you also need strategies for attracting new workers who will stick. Tips to Find… Read More »

The key to forecasting your hiring outlook for 2022

Write Down Annual Goals

No one without a crystal ball can predict the future with 100-percent accuracy. But employers these days are a little nervous, and with good reason. Staffing shortages are affecting industries like health care and technology, and new employees with the right skills can be hard to find. Forecasting future hiring needs is important, because planning… Read More »

Should you start measuring your team’s success on different KPIs and standards?

Setting Team KPIs | Happy Faces Personnel Group

With a New Year comes the opportunity for change, growth and improvement. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help you track your company’s performance and measure your success toward reaching goals. You’ll always need goals to keep your company moving forward, and KPIs are the way you stay on track. They affect everyone in your company, from… Read More »

The key to managing your hiring demands better this year

If you’re looking for new candidates and coming up short, you’re not alone. The current “war on talent” is upon us, and employers worldwide are having difficulty meeting hiring demands. There’s simply a shortage of talent in certain industries, as the pandemic has given workers a chance to hit the “pause” button, decide what they… Read More »

Leadership tips and ideas to get you motivated for 2022

If 2021 was an example for us all, employers should be worried about retaining employees in 2022. During the pandemic, workers have had a chance to pause and think about what they want—and for many, this has lead to quitting their jobs to find something else, or just to slow down a little bit. But… Read More »

How can partnering with Happy Faces help you offload hiring responsibilities?

The current job market has many of us just a little stressed out. Candidates can be hard to find, let alone people with the right skills and qualifications. And the hiring process can be long and drawn out… robbing you of valuable time you might otherwise be spending running your company. That’s why many employers… Read More »

With so many options in employment agencies, why should you partner with Happy Faces Personnel Services?

How to Be Happy and Confident | Happy Faces Personnel Group

When you’re ready to work with a staffing firm, you want to choose the right one. You should feel comfortable connecting with your contact and everything you interact with at the agency. They should meet (and even exceed) your staffing needs. And you should be placed with qualified candidates who meet all your requirements. But… Read More »

We get it… everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Happy Faces help you minimize the risk of a bad hire?

Hiring in Atlanta Georgia

Every employer wants to the right people in place come hiring time. Making bad hiring choices hurts your business in more than one way. First, the bad hire can bring down those around them—either due to others having to pick up the slack or deal with an all-around bad attitude. Then, when the person leaves… Read More »

We get it…everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Happy Faces help you find the best candidates in Atlanta?

Hiring in Atlanta Georgia | Atlanta Staffing Firms

Looking for the right candidates, but not finding who you need? We understand—staffing can be a tall order. And what makes it all the more stressful is that having to replace the wrong hires can be expensive. So, it goes without saying you want to find the right people up front, right away. No one… Read More »

We get it… everyone’s hiring. How can partnering with Happy Faces help you reduce your time to hire?

Reducing time to Hire in Atlanta Georgia | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Looking to hire new employees, but short on time? It can take a month or more to complete the full hiring process, and an extra-long wait time can result in losing talent who simply lost interest waiting to hear back from you. The key is to find highly qualified and well-matched talent, which makes your… Read More »