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How to Treat Your Staff Like an All-Star Team

All-stars live a charmed life! Think of the respect and perks provided to all-star athletes or celebrities. And these are people that most of our society has never even met! Your employees are a group of people you spend nearly every day with—probably more time than you spend with your own family. Instead of simply… Read More »

Three Tips to Motivate Your Staff as the Summer Starts to Heat Up

Most people look forward to the summertime! The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and activities, festivals, cookouts and vacations are in full swing. Unfortunately, once an employee has entered the workplace, the idea of summer break is long gone; however, the same energy and enthusiasm that accompanies summer break doesn’t need to be… Read More »

Is it Time to Expand Your Organization?

No one starts a business without dreams of success. If your company is popular and your customer base is increasing, the product or service you provide will need to keep pace. This allows you to continue to provide the value your customers expect and deserve. However, you may find it difficult to judge when it’s… Read More »

Never Say Goodbye to a Great Employee

We all have the one who got away: that spectacular employee who­­—for whatever reason—chose to move on from the company. While it can be hard to watch exceptional talent leave, never sever ties with a great employee. You never know when he or she may want to return to the company. Why employees leave Employees… Read More »

Managing Conflict (Nicely) in the Office

Two heads (or three or more) are better than one. This sage advice is the backbone of managing conflict within the workplace. Remember that the value of differing professional opinions is the opportunity to strengthen your company’s end product. When your employees butt heads during meetings or team collaborations, you can un-ruffle feathers—and use feedback… Read More »

Here’s Why Your Employees Don’t Trust You

Trust is vital to good leadership. As an employer, you can’t simply expect your employees to trust you right from the start. Trust is built through kindness, support, compassion and—most of all—patience on behalf of an employer. Trust helps employers inspire their staff to accomplish great things. Distrust does just the opposite. When employees do… Read More »

How to Retain Your Talented Millennials

Motivated employees are productive employees. The youngest members of our workforce—“millennials,” the generation born between 1979 and 1994—have come of age in a time of economic recession, rapidly changing technology, and readily available information. To retain talented young employees, it helps to understand what inspires them, and what their values are. What motivates “millennials”? The… Read More »

Motivate Your Employees With These Questions

Productive employees are the key to a successful workplace: they work hard to collaborate with coworkers, add to the synergy of your team and generate a strong end product. Perhaps you have an employee who is usually a good worker, but may need additional motivation on a particular project. What can you do to provide… Read More »

How to Motivate Your Team to Achieve More This Year

How was your 2013? If you have goals you’re still working to achieve, you’ve likely added these to your list of tasks for 2014. If you were successful in achieving all of your 2013 business goals, it’s still important to stride boldly into 2014. Think of the new year as a chance for your company… Read More »

Is Employee Criticism Helping or Hurting Your Team?

Beware the method you use for employee review! While you want to give your employee an honest review or his or her performance, negative criticism can be extremely damaging to the employee’s esteem and productivity. It’s difficult to know exactly how an employee will react, but there are a few possibilities you’ll want to consider… Read More »