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Seven Steps to Implement a Successful, Lasting Company Policy

Occasionally your company may need a new business policy. Changes are important to help your processes run smoothly and efficiently, maintain employee morale and give your business a positive reputation in the marketplace. Still, change can be difficult for employees to accept. Use the following seven steps to implement a successful, lasting new company policy.… Read More »

Preparing for a Phone Interview with a Web Developer

Your website is your public face. It’s important to have a site that adequately reflects your brand and is attractive and easy for users to navigate. The web developer you hire is critical to the quality of your website. By taking a few steps to prepare for a phone interview, you’ll be equipped to hire… Read More »

Ways to Get a Resigning Clerical Employee to Stay

Your clerical employees perform many important day-to-day functions. From answering phones to maintaining records, your business wouldn’t run as efficiently without these valuable staff members.  If you’ve found a clerical employee whose high-caliber work performance keeps your business on its toes, of course you don’t want to let him go. However, what do you do… Read More »

Staffing Up During Peak Periods to Meet Demands

Be prepared for your peak season! When your business processes are running smoothly, you will ensure timely delivery of your products or services, and will maintain the satisfaction of your customers. Relying on temporary staff can help you staff up during your busy season, but also prevent overstaffing once things slow back down. Staffing agencies… Read More »

The Importance of Building Strong Business Relationships

Your business partnerships can make or break your company. To provide a high-quality end product, you need high-quality supplies, employees, management and communication. It is important to build positive relationships with companies that supply you with building blocks for success—supplies, human resources or information, for example.  How Strong Business Relationships Help Your Company. Your business… Read More »