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Leader Lessons: How to have a conversation with an employee who is visibly reaching their breaking point

All jobs have peaks and flows—some seasons are more stressful than others. And depending on what’s happening outside the office, your employees may also have peaks and flows in their personal lives. When you combine in-office and out-of-office stress, you have a recipe for how well your workers are able to handle all the responsibility… Read More »

How to take the proactive steps to become a better leader among your employees

Strong leaders inspire and motivate their employees! Under your guidance, your workers will rise to the occasion and accomplish great things—which in turn helps your company accomplish great things! So to be a powerful force among those who report to you, what steps can you take to improve your influence? Five Ways to be a… Read More »

Safety First! The Key to Addressing Workplace Safety Concerns with Your Team

Addressing Workplace Safety Concerns | Atlanta GA Employment

Safety awareness is critical to every workplace. Keeping your workers safe isn’t just a nice thought—it’s a must-have. It all starts with a safety plan all employees must follow. Threats to the safety of your workers must be addressed by the plan, so it’s good to keep it dynamic—ready to be adjusted and amended if… Read More »

Improving your hiring process starts with understanding the ideal candidate you’re searching for

Hiring Support in Atlanta Georgia | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Making good hiring matches is critical to the success of your business. It makes the difference between an employee who just gets work done, and one who excels—improving the quality of your output, as a result. Ideal candidates are the types of workers whom employers strive to find and keep on their payroll for the… Read More »

How to Have a Difficult Conversation About Work Performance with a Challenging Employee

Addressing Workplace Safety Concerns | Atlanta GA Employment

One of your many roles as a manager is to keep harmony in the workplace. When one employee isn’t pulling their fair share of the workload, it can be upsetting to other hard-working members of your workforce. When this happens, you need to have a conversation with the slacking employee—and this already-awkward conversation can be… Read More »

Five Ways to Squash Workplace Negativity

Into every workplace a little negativity will sometimes fall. Though a blend of personalities and viewpoints will ultimately make your company culture stronger, it stands to reason that not everyone will see eye-to-eye all the time. This is a perfectly normal occurrence when people work together, and it’s how you handle it as a manager that makes all the difference.    How… Read More »

Three Characteristics to Look for When Interviewing and Screening Potential Housekeepers and Hotel Employees

Finding employees with the right characteristics will help you make the best hiring choices. After all, the cost of employee turnover is high, so you want to choose candidates who will stick with your company long-term. You’ll be able to provide the service your customers expect, and this will help you build your satisfaction ratings… Read More »

Five Clear Signs Your Staff is Miserable… and How to Fix it!

Every employer’s dream is a staff full of happy, satisfied workers. But, it’s a delicate balance managing people, and it’s a job that requires constant attention. After all, your employees keep the wheels spinning on your business, and you want them to be inspired and invigorated by their work. So what can you do when… Read More »

How to Build Better Employees: Best Advice for Training New Employees

To enhance the quality of your employees and their skills, you must help them help you! It all starts with your training process. The more efficient your training process—complete with valuable information, an accessible means of delivery, and resources for support—the easier time your new hires will have coming on board with your company. Five… Read More »

How to Run Team Building Activities People Will Enjoy

How to Motivate Employees as a Manager | Happy Faces Personnel Group

The term “team building” may strike dread into the hearts of your employees. This is due to nothing other than bad publicity—how many of us have seen movies or TV shows that poke fun at ropes courses and awkward outings, everyone clad in corporate t-shirts? All kidding aside, activities and events that help your workers… Read More »