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Employees Less Motivated as Summer Approaches? Regroup and Refocus with These Tips

As the weather gets warmer, workers start dreaming of time off. Thoughts of vacation, sunny days at the beach and lounging outside start to creep into their minds during worktime hours. Just like being back in school, everyone gets a bit nostalgic during the summer. But don’t let employee productivity dwindle as the sun gets… Read More »

Creating and Appointing a Wellness Committee: How to Get Your Team on Board with Health and Wellness This Summer

Wellness programs are the next big thing at many companies across the country. They’re a perfect way for employers keep healthcare benefit costs under control by encouraging wellness and healthy habits. But since just telling employees how to be well isn’t quite enough, wellness programs go a step further—providing the services and resources employees need… Read More »

How Might You Start to Motivate Your Unmotivated Employees?

How to Motivate Employees as a Manager | Happy Faces Personnel Group

Motivation makes your job as a manager easier. In a perfect world, all workers would be energized and ready to jump into each and every assignment. But unfortunately, employees have their good and bad days, and motivation can shift. So, what can you do to help your unmotivated employees feel that spark once again? What… Read More »

Shake it up! The Tips you Need to Shake Up your Hiring Process and Land Better Candidates

Looking to hire in the New Year, but just not having any luck? Between scouring the market, interviewing, making offers and onboarding, the hiring process can be tedious. Plus when you’re putting in the time to find new hires, you want to be sure you’re bringing top talent on board. This year, you can take… Read More »

Three Management Habits that Make You Seem Unapproachable at Work

We all know the feeling bad management strikes into the hearts of employees. They become disheartened and stressed out, productivity dips, and turnover ensues. Bad management also robs companies of a cohesive and supportive corporate culture. But there is a silver lining—good management is a learned skill. By knowing how to recognize the traits of… Read More »

Avoid the Common Mistakes Often Made by First-Time Managers

Transitioning to a management role is a big step. And with it comes the responsibility of leading those below you towards bigger and better things while making sure all tasks get completed. You’ll also need to adopt “big picture” thinking to be able to anticipate what’s next and plan for the future of your department.… Read More »

Recapping 2016: A Look at Our Most Viewed Articles for Managers from 2016

As a hiring manager, it can be tough finding those resources that ease the hiring process. At Happy Faces, we’re committed to providing content that makes your life easier and your business run smoothly. Over the past 12 months, we’ve shared the best of our expertise with you. And as the year winds down, we… Read More »

Observing Common Coffee Trends

As the year winds down, it’s an important time to reflect on your achievements and your goals for the new year. It’s also a good time to talk to your team to show your appreciation for all the work they do and learn about their motivators. One motivator may be slowing your team’s productivity if… Read More »

What are The Best Questions to Ask Employees in Annual Reviews?

Annual reviews are a sometimes stressful time of year, but the information they provide to employers and employees alike is invaluable. Don’t let the opportunity to encourage, redirect, and motivate your team go to waste. Here are four questions to ask your employees during their annual review for a more successful year to come. What… Read More »

Four Signs You May Have Hired the Wrong Employee

Recruitment and hiring are a substantial investment for all businesses. Reducing turnover and retaining talent is an important priority. But occasionally even the most experienced hiring managers bring on someone who is not perfect for the job. While most companies are not fully able to put a number on the actual expense of a bad… Read More »