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How to Build a Positive and Unique Company Culture

Corporate culture is a buzz phrase in the working world. Just as a nation’s culture helps define its people, so too does a business culture help define the business. In many cases, your company culture helps establish to the world that yours is a smart, successful company that treats its employees well. And, in turn,… Read More »

The Secret to Making Your Company Training Mobile Friendley

Mobile technology is everywhere. Most people have a smart phone or mobile device they use to interact with the world through the internet and social media. And though your company may use mobile technology to reach customers, you should also consider implementing it for training purposes. How Does Mobile Training Help? By making information more… Read More »

Get Your Employees to Work Smarter, Not Harder

The human mind and body are magnificent tools. But, just like any machine, they need regular maintenance for peak performance. As an employer, you expect your staff to work at a high level of productivity—and you can take several steps to help them along and avoid burnout. By suggesting five important work smart tips, you… Read More »

How to Support an Employee Going Through a Life Crisis

Regardless of your workforce size, it’s inevitable: Someday, one of your employees will face an emotionally difficult situation that impacts his or her work performance. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a critical illness or some other situation, you’ll need to provide support to help your employee get through a troubling… Read More »

Three Signs Your Best Employee is Seeking a New Job

Good employees can be hard to find—and even harder to replace. So once you’ve gotten your team in place you’ll want to take steps to keep them. If an employee has decided to look for something else, you may have time to intervene, but you’ll have to act fast. You’ll want to look for three… Read More »

Get on Board with the Company Transparency Movement

Job seekers shop on the internet using the reviews of others to help form their opinions. Ours is a culture in which consumers are in search of very transparent information. And if your business doesn’t have useful, searchable online reviews, your potential employees may be apprehensive about working for you. One of the best recruitment… Read More »

How to Develop a Strategy That Motivates Your Team to Work Towards a Common Goal

The ability to motivate employees to move heaven and earth to reach a common goal is often seen as the Holy Grail of workforce management. Unfortunately, many managers and business owners fail to grasp just what makes an employee tick, making the mistake of believing all disengaged workers want are more financial rewards. But as… Read More »

How to Make a New Employees Onboarding Process Smooth and Fun

The process of bringing in a new hire to your staff can be a lot like introducing a boyfriend to your parents—awkward at best, uncomfortable at worst. And you can’t really blame the new hire; it’s not easy to walk into unfamiliar territory and meet new teammates. Being the ‘new guy’ can be lonely and… Read More »

Establishing an Employee Learning and Development Program to Help Your Team Grow

A strong learning and development program is key to the present and future of your company. First, it can help you attract talent, since people want to work for companies that invest in them. Second, it helps employees grow in their careers, so it can make their work more enjoyable and fulfilling—helping you to retain… Read More »

Top Interview Questions You Should Ask Every Single Candidate

Finding happy, productive employees begins at the hiring process. It’s important to find people who are motivated, fit well with your company culture, and have long-term career goals your company can provide. To get started on a long path to hiring success, you should take a closer look at your interview process, and be sure… Read More »