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Why every professional should pursue a hobby to make them happier in their day-to-day

Hobbies are good for you! By doing something fun in your free time, you can gain both mental and physical benefits. Life shouldn’t be all work and no play, and hobbies provide that downtime your mind needs to be well. Four Health Benefits of Hobbies Keeping yourself healthy will help you do better at work.… Read More »

Time Management Strategies That Will Lead to Reduced Stress… and More Happiness

How often does this happen to you—the day begins, and you’re full of motivation! Today is the day you’re going to make magic happen. By 10 a.m., you realize you’re not accomplishing as much as you had hoped, but that’s OK… you’ll just take a quick break and get back at it. Then lunchtime rolls… Read More »

How to properly write a resignation letter when deciding to leave your current role

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile | Happy Faces Personnel Group

If you’ve found a new job, you’re probably excited for a fresh start! But one matter you must first handle is leaving the job you have right now. It’s always a wise idea—whether you’re leaving on good terms or not—to write a letter of resignation to your current boss, letting him or her know you’re… Read More »

What’s Your Story? Should you showcase your volunteer work in your resume?

You’ve helped build houses for the homeless, walk rescue dogs, organize donated clothing, or run charity-related races. Whatever your charitable work of choice, you may have found it helps you to be a happier, more well-rounded person. But that’s not all! Volunteer work can also help you build your resume and make you a more… Read More »

Coping With Job Rejection: What to Do if You DON’T Get the Job

You tried hard at your interview, but you heard back from your recruiter and they decided to go with someone else. This can be frustrating news to hear, especially if you really, really wanted the job. But even still, you need to move on because the best job for you is out there. So what… Read More »

How to Shift Your Morning to Kickstart a Happy and Productive Day

Your mood sets the tone for your day. It can determine if you’re productive and whistling while you work—or grumbly and dragging your feet. If given the choice, why not start your day off right? You can take small steps to adjust your perspective each morning and set yourself up for a good mood. And… Read More »

Does your workday need an on/off switch to better manage your work/life balance?

Technology is great, but it makes work really hard to leave at the office. Still, “unplugging” is necessary for work/life balance—because if you keep answering calls or checking emails once you’re home, you’re still technically working. Even if you aren’t tied to a device, it can be difficult to wind down after work and focus on your… Read More »

Do you need to wear a suit to an interview for a general labor position?

To suit up or not to suit up? As you prepare for your interview, one of the things on your mind is undoubtedly what to wear. After all, you want to make a good impression during your interview, and one of the best ways is by looking sharp and pulled together. But should this include wearing a suit? To… Read More »

Three ways to help a coworker who might be struggling with challenges outside of work

At work, you may get to know other employees pretty well, bond and even become friends. You might spend time with them outside the office at work events, or even meet their family. Forming a personal connection with someone will make you feel closer to them—so when they’re going through a difficult time at home, it can feel natural to want to help.… Read More »

How much should you share about your personal life during an interview?

Stories are memorable, and memorable is something you want to be during your interview. It’s important to make a connection with your interviewer, which can make it more likely for you to receive a job offer. To do this, you may feel encouraged to share personal details of your life—especially if you’ve struck up a conversation with… Read More »